Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Something Wicked This Way Comes

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What is this boring piece of brown endless ribbing?

Why it's Evil of course.

For the new year I was cleaning, cleaning my house, cleaning my closets, cleaning up my sidebar: taking finished projects off the status bars, making sure they all had links, things like that. And I realized that I've had Evil in my sidebar for almost a year. Projects have come and gone,yet Evil remained. I've made four sweaters, two tank tops, a slew of socks, even an afghan, yet Evil remained banished to the bottom of the knitting basket.

Poor Evil. It really isn't his fault that when The Greatest asked me to knit him a sweater he was so specific that there isn't a pattern in existence that would meet his criteria. I had no choice but to create one. Have I mentioned what a disaster it is whenever I try to design? I took heart from this article, but he doesn't want raglan sleeves. It was enough information to get me started, but as I approached the arms I put the sweater away. I wasn't sure what to do. This is why I've ignored this sweater for so long.

But let's face it. I'm a guilt knitter. Guilt is my motivating factor for finishing almost everything I knit. I would never have finished that red sweater if I hadn't felt guilty about the money and time I'd already invested in that stupid magic red yarn. That beautiful blue afghan? I finished knitting it in September, my Mom guilted me into actually seaming and putting the fringe on it. So I feel guilty for not finishing this sweater for The Greatest. Sure I made him a pair of socks in February, but that's it. This is the man who supports my yarn habit and all I made him was a lousy pair of socks almost a year ago (did I mention he asked me to knit him more, and I order yarn for two more pairs of socks for him, but look at the side bar and you'll see how far I've gotten with that. What's that saying about good intentions and the road to hell?)

So my guilt has caused me to return to Evil. I've read a few more things about creating set-in sleeves, and I'm feeling semi-confident that I can fake it. I've got a store bought sweater that he loves to use as a general guide, so I'm not completely flying blind. I've already split for the front and back, and bound off for the armscye.

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So everyone cross their fingers for my sanity and my marriage as I spend a little time with Evil.


Chris said...

Ok, there's this song called "Evil" by the completely obscure and now defunct band Venison, and that song went through my head the entire time I read your post. :)

Lynda said...

All that ribbing.... that's definitely my definition of Pure Evil (watch out for Boyd, I'm sure he'd love a crack at it!) - but you'll pull it off, I'm sure... you knit the most beautiful things (I still scroll down from time to time to drool over your Cardigan in Alpaca with Glitter, and Silk Corset)

Kim said...

Good luck with Evil! Make him wear it every day :o)

candsmom said...

Happy New Year, Mamma! Holy moley, woman, I leave for a few weeks and come back to see FO post after FO post. GORGEOUS, gorgeous stuff, but then again, you already knew that. Evil is quite the beaut....pretty color, pretty pattern, but then again, most evil things come in pretty little packages, don't they? Barring any Boyd mishaps, I know you'll pull it off. Take care and I'll be back soon to catch up with all the FO's I've missed!

kittensmittens said...

i see the ribbing, I don't envy you.

but, I did want to mention that I was looking at your finished objects, saw your silk corset, which looks lovely. And i have decided to frog mine. you have inspired me. mine just doesn't fit and i mucked up the cables. i will just be strong and undo it all.
for the greater good of a pretty corset...

good luck on evil