Friday, February 03, 2017

Failure Never Looked So Good

So it looks like I spoke too soon.

The Queen began her morning with diarrhea.

And once she was freshly bathed and the carpet/couch/clothes were all cleaned, she proceeded to vomit all over the carpet/couch/clothes.

The Greatest cleaned each mess while I bathed the Queen.

He really is The Greatest.

Her fever has returned so we spent all day like this.

And sometimes like this.

My back is killing me from all the hours in the rocking chair.  That evil vengeful spirit sure is taking revenge in small petty ways.

On the knitting front I finished my Find Your Fade Shawl.  Wanna take a guess where it is now?

That's right.

I put that baby in The Abyss to sit and await blocking.

My goal in knitting this shawl was to create left over sock yarn.  Having a super cool shawl was a bonus.  I failed a little in my primary directive.

I used seven colors but I only have six left over balls.

And that one ball on the end

It isn't big enough to actually do anything with.  Cat paw included for scale.  And also included because she wouldn't leave my yarn alone.


She wouldn't leave the yarn alone.

All my yarn was once again on the floor as I searched for the perfect stash combination for my next Find Your Fade Shawl.  Why am I knitting another one?  Because this pattern is addicting that's why.  It ought to come with a warning label.

After considering several combinations I finally settled on this one.

You might notice that two of the yarn ends from the precious shawl will be making an appearance in my second shawl.

So that's a double fail on the left over yarn ends.

But I'll have another awesome shawl.  So there is that!

Thursday, February 02, 2017

The Curse Is Real

So The Queen was sick this week.

I always get extra nervous when she gets sick.  Her Down syndrome isn't something that really impacts our day to day lives too much.  It just is who she is.  I don't think about it much.  I don't think about it in terms of raising my daughter with Down syndrome.  I think about as raising my daughter.  Funny how when I was pregnant it was all I thought about.  Her diagnosis.  Now I'm too busy thinking about her.  The actual amazing person that she is.

But when she gets sick her Down syndrome comes rushing to the forefront.  It means she gets sicker than the other children.  It means she is sick longer. And with her heart defect it makes fevers feel more perilous.

I don't know if that last one is an actual medical danger or just how I feel.  But I feel it none the less.

For a few days it was just a runny nose, and a low grade fever.

Then a switch flipped.  She was whiney.  She was lethargic.  She was running a high fever that over the counter meds weren't touching.  And she was touching her ear a lot.

She cuddled any available body.  She fell asleep on my chest and as I cradled her hot little body I could feel her heart working over time.

She was really sick.

I was really scared.

It was no longer a cold.  But was it more serious than a virus that needed to run its course?  The ear clutching gave me the excuse I needed to run to urgent care.

I got dressed to go in the first things I grabbed from my closet.

Jeans and the cursed sweater.

It was there.

I wasn't feeling picky.

The trip to urgent care was uneventful.  Queen seemed to enjoy the novelty of riding in Daddy's big SUV.  I think it afforded her a level of luxury that was missing from her life.

We checked into the clinic and settled down in the waiting room.

All was well.

Until it wasn't.

The Queen started to fuss.

I stood to rock her and as I shifted her head up on my shoulder she puked down the back of my sweater.

Multiple heaves shook her tiny body as hot liquid flowed down my back.  I flipped her to my hip to take her to the bathroom to get cleaned up and she puked all down the front of my sweater.

Hot vomit in my bra.

Motherhood is so glamorous.

I'm 100% positive this was the work of the evil spirit haunting my sweater.

She didn't puke before that moment.

And she hasn't puked since.

A vengeful spirit is seeking revenge on my sweater.

And they're off to a good start.

To add insult to injury there was a spare outfit for the Queen in the diaper bag.  But there wasn't a spare shirt for me.  I almost never ever rarely ever get puked on in public.  The Greatest saved the day.  He gave me his sweater and spent the rest of the evening in a plain white t-shirt.  He really is The Greatest.

In other Queen Bean news, she had a round of steroids and is midway through a course of antibiotics and she is nearly back to her sweet sassy self.

I'm so glad she's feeling better.

On the knitting front my fade grows and grows.

I'm on my final color and I'm already planning a second one.  This pattern is addictive.  I would love to knit one from all variegated yarn but I'll be stash diving for this one as well, so a mix of semi-solids and variegated yarns will have to do.

I'm not even mad about it.

It's gonna be glorious.