Wednesday, February 09, 2011


So this morning I was getting dressed to run the children to school. I was just dropping them off so it didn't really matter what I was wearing. I just wanted to be warm. So I grabbed a sweater from The Greatest's laundry chair.

I suppose I should take a moment to explain the laundry chair. Let me go find picture of what my bedroom is supposed to look like. I know I have one.

Here's my bed.


And see those chairs?


Those are suppposed to be our "hide from the children and talk about our day" chairs.

But instead he has turned his chair into his laundry chair. On any given day it looks like this.


Some of those are clean. Some are not. I let him make the distinction. Notice how the laundry is no longer confined to his chair, but has made a hostile take over of the coffee table as well. I have my bunny holding ground on my chair but I fear it is only a matter of time before he tries to take my chair as well.

Three picture and five paragraphs to say, I was cold this morning and I took a sweater off The Greatest's laundry chair to wear to take the children to school.

It turned out to be the sweater The Greatest wants me to copy for Evil.


Now I get it. Now I get why he wants fifty more of this sweater. It is a perfect sweater. PERFECT. Usually I change after I take the kids to school and really get ready for my day. But I just want to wear this sweater all day long. I loves it so much. I might go ten rounds with The Greatest over ownership of this sweater. But I would lose cause he's got muscles and all that super special tactical training. So I guess I'll stick to stealing it when he's not home.

*sigh* I suppose I'm going to have to dig Evil 2.0 out of the corner I've hidden it in and finish knitting it after all. And take better notes while I do so I can then knit Evil 3.0 in a girly color. Cause man, this sweater is awesome.

Crumb. I hate when that man is right.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

A Boy

And his dog


Should dogs watch tv?

Monday, February 07, 2011

That Time of Year


This can only mean one thing.


And I've gotta make costumes.

And with an out of town guest coming this week, and all the cleaning that implies. And a Knitpicks deadline looming. And sick children (it was Pork Chop's turn to puke today). I am busy.

But I learned a new skill today



I can now make hula headpieces from flowers and raffia. Go Me!

There is something about making stuff, when you don't know how to do it the making seems like magic. Especially the making of the bottom headpiece. I thought I might be able to pull off the braided headpiece on my own. Maybe. But it wouldn't have been as nice. I know that for a fact. But when they showed me the red flowered piece and assured me it was simple you just "wrapped it" I felt queasy. And I was sure the queasy had nothing to do with our recent problems with a certain stomach flu. I follow direction well, but sometimes I need directions. And Auntie was kind enough to give me directions. And now I know something new! GO ME!

Two headpieces down. Only one to go. Plus three pau skirts, two dresses, one conch shell turned horn, and an ipu heke to go. And we'll be all ready for the Aloha Festival.

And we've got to learn the dances.

Not much.

Plus my cleaning.

And my knitpicks deadline.

And my sick kids.

It's that time of year.

The time I give up sleep.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Stocking Up


Cause we keep taking turns throwing up.

Today is Meaty's turn.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Just because I own a camera...

So I'm trying to take pictures every day. But I never seem to have my camera ready when I really need it. Like the other day when Meaty was playing with his beetle and our dog came to see what he was doing. They were so cute, the two of them together. I was right there, camera beside me. But by the time I turned it on I *almost* got the shot. But not quite. The dog moved on.

Or last night. We watched Jurassic Park for the first time with our children. Remember when the T-Rex eats the guy sitting on the toilet. He just leans forward and bites hims, and kinda shakes hims around. Meaty and Bird were sitting at the kitchen table behind me eating pizza. I turned around to check on them, because it was an intense scene. And I wish I had possessed the foresight to have had my camera ready. The look on Bird's face was was priceless. Her eyes have never been wider and her hands clasped over her mouth. I think she was afraid to move lest the T-Rex should spy her through the tv. It would have been a great shot. And don't worry. I took her upstairs for some "Wonder Pets" distraction and she slept through the night just fine last night. She is no worse the wear today.

Or Sweet Pea gently pretending to give tea to my toy bunny. It was so sweet. She was framed by the light from my sliding glass door. She was dressed all in pink. I'd even managed to brush her hair that day. Would have been a perfect shot. But my camera wasn't even on the same floor we were on.

Gotta be better with the camera.

Friday, February 04, 2011


Still feeling unwell. My tummy hurts when I move. So I move as little as possible. This translates into lots of sitting still on the couch for me. I decided it would be a fine time to finally finish a little project a I started ages ago.

My friend wanted a hat.

So I knit her a hat.

Then it sat in my drawer waiting for the ends to be woven in for months. The longer she waited the guiltier I felt.

So I knit her another hat.

And it joined the first in the drawer, waiting for the final finishing work. Months passed. Guilt grew. I found the perfect pattern for some purple yarn I had purchased with her in mind.

I knit another hat.

But this time I finished all three hats. I've even taken photographic proof that I finally finished knitting for her (because she didn't believe me until I showed her photographic proof). But you must promise to ignore my un-brushed hair and lack of make-up. As I've already stated I'm feeling unwell and moving as little as possible. Brushing my hair would have required a larger commitment of going upstairs to find the hairbrush, and I was unwilling to move that much. You're lucky I got off the couch to go take some bad self-portraits in the bathroom mirror in the first place.








I'm feeling unwell, and that makes me lazy, so I'll just give Rav links to patterns for anyone interested. The first is a Sockhead Hat. I loves this pattern so much. The second is a Jovie The Elf Knock-Off Hat. And I lied. That's not a Rav link. The last one is my favorite, Bertrand Louis. It is a cowl that can be worn as a slouchy hat or folded into a beanie. I'm going to have to make one for myself very very soon. Since I'm still feeling like sitting on the couch is all I'm capable of doing I might go cast on for one now.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

A Beginning


Teaching her all my bad habits.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Cause this is the place where I can.

Progress Reports came out today.

Pork Chop






Dang, my kids are smart!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Ooooooh Knitting

Knitting posts have been a little thin around here. So I'm gonna do another lazy show-off of something I've knit.


Pattern: Aunt Maggie's Slippers

Yarn: One Strand Wool-Ease? (I threw the ball band away, I'm so bad lately, I don't know what's gotten into me) and one strand Red Heart

Needles: Could not tell you if my life depended on it. Maybe 9? Maybe 10? I know what's happened to the careful note-taker I used to be.

Modifications: I know there were some. I used someone's notes from Ravelry but I don't remember who's notes. And I can't find them. What has happened to me? Can I blame this lack of memory on the fourth child? Or my new meds? Cause this is really bad.

Review: These slippers look big. Cause they are. They're not actually mine. I made them for The Greatest. He'd been complaining about how cold his feet were. We're finally fully acclimated to our new climate and the winters are now bitterly cold to us. We can never return home, people would mock us and point at us. Plus, we'd die from the cold. I've always been one of those annoying people who is "always cold". Cold in the winter. Cold in the air conditioned summer. I hated that about myself. I loved living here and never feeling cold. But now I'm back to always being cold. I wear layers upon layers once again. My children wear layers upon layers. My daughters always have tank tops on underneath their shirts. My son never goes to school with less than three shirts on. We are considering another move closer to the equator so I can once again be warm. I am really looking forward to the triple digit summer. Please come soon summer. But I digress. I'm supposed to be talking about slippers.

The Greatest had cold feet. And they ached. I love The Greatest. And I did not want him to have feet that were so cold they ached. I wanted to buy him a pair of slippers. But we have a budget and The Greatest did not want to budget money for a new pair of slippers. He felt our resources were better spent elsewhere. I worried for days. I stayed up at night thinking about this. I contemplated buying the slippers anyways. I contemplated working the slippers into the budget next month, but that meant a whole month with cold feet. The matter weighted heavy on my mind. I did not want his feet to ache. And then I had the dumbest of "I am so dumb" moments. I am a Knitter with a Capital K. And I have lots of yarn. Let me refer you back to this post for my yarn. I could KNIT HIM a pair of slippers. *face palm* Cause that's what knitters do. We make things to keep people warm.

So knit I did. One strand of wool for warmth, one strand of red heart for durability.

And today I am COLD. So while The Greatest is at work I am wearing his slippers. And I'm not gonna lie. They're pretty awesome. I might need to knit a pair for myself. A better fitting pair. In prettier colors. Cause I'm not gonna lie. These are kinda fug.