Thursday, August 30, 2007

Easing back into blogging

Let me tell you, it was a long hot summer here in the Southwest. A long, hot, dry summer. A summer where The Greatest worked a second job just to pay the air conditioning bill, and our thermostat was set on 83 degrees. EIGHTY THREE DEGREES PEOPLE! It was too hot to go outside. You could get second degree burns just looking at the playground equipment. Yet it was still too hot inside the house to do anything either, including update my blog. There was lots of lying around sweating, watching movies, and sipping ice water this summer. I am actually looking forward to the looming winter. If only it loomed closer. Something is seriously wrong here.

The summer was also filled with morning sickness for four months. Never having had morning sickness this strong before it was quite the experience. There were days I just laid in bed and prayed for death. But I am now feeling almost normal. As normal as a person can feel when they're growing another person, a tiny person with a fondness for kicking bladders. Frequent bladder pain not withstanding, I feel good.

During my hiatus I'm afraid I've forgotten how to blog. I know how to type, and how to upload pictures. But I've lost my groove. Forgotten my blogging voice. So if you will all just stand by while I ease back into blogging and find my footing again I would appreciate it. There is lots to see and share. It will just be a moment to figure out where to start.

First lets show some pictures from our recent trip back East. Notice how lush and green the background is. I really miss home sometimes.

Pork Chop in the trees


Lanie love little m

Not to brag but The Greatest and I make beautiful children. If only they acted as sweet as they look.

Speaking of making beautiful children, I know what the newest project I'm making is going to be when it arrives. The Greatest is still hoping it will turn out to be a puppy. I'm afraid he is going to be sorely disappointed. I knit these tiny socks for the peanut. There will be only two feet, not four.

Mystery Baby Socks Blue or Pink?

Anyone care to guess what color they are?