Thursday, May 03, 2007

FO Report, Sock Madness Round Four

Sorry I missed yesterday, but Operation Smelly Mommy was in full force. No I did not take a shower yesterday. But as I was cleaning the kitchen after breakfast I contemplated taking a shower. That was all it took. The children were playing quietly in the girl's room and I thought maybe I could sneak in a quick interlude with some soap and water, maybe even some conditioner. I'm nothing if not a dreamer. Then my dream was shattered.

Meaty came running to tell me I had to see what Bird did, which is a sure indicator that it was a group effort. I've been around long enough to know any energy spent ratting out a sibling is in actuality the attempt of a guilty conscience to pull attention away from oneself and deflect it onto another equally guilty party. So I ran to see what I was sure they had both done together.

And what did they do?

I must admit they'd really out done themselves this time. These are the children who spread an entire tub of crisco all over the kitchen and dining room, painted themselves with nail polish (twice), and put dog food all over the garage (twice). But this time they made an amazing mess that magically got larger as I tried to clean it.

They took an entire can, and I'm talking about one of those large industrial size-sold in bulk-will last you a year-can of shaving cream, and they painted everything in the girl's bedroom with it. But this was no ordiary industrial size can of shaving cream. This was shaving gel. The kind you rub in your palm to create shaving cream. So as I attempted to wipe up the gel it changed color and expanded to five times its original size!

So between the carpet, and the curtains, and the walls, and the toys, and the furniture, I spent three hours cleaning up shaving cream.

Operations Smelly Mommy is a raving success. Thank goodness for deodorant. I can not fathom how they will top this. I am scared to leave them alone in a room lest upon my return I find an entire wall missing.

But enough about my plight. Let's turn to the knitting.

Mad fuzzy socks

Oh my that picture turned out fuzzy, how did I miss that. Oh well, it's not much better in focus.

Pattern: Mad Weave from Sock Madness

Yarn: Knit Picks Sock Garden in Geranium, now discontinued

Needles: Size 1 dpns

Modifications: None

Review: These are some seriously messed up socks. I think it's the technicolor yarn that makes it unbearable to look at. I have seen some versions of this sock that are stunning, but mine leave something to be desired.

And for the first time I was very angry with Knit Picks yarn. I have knit tons of Mad Anglethings with Knit Picks yarn. My devotion is well documented. But this yarn is beyond the bound of acceptable. When I rolled it into a ball I found several places that were, not knots, but just places where a new strand of yarn was added. Out of two hanks I ended up with five small balls instead of two large ones. Then as I was knitting I found many poorly spun areas that needed cut out. They were too weak to knit into the socks. Thank goodness I learned to spit splice, or I would still be weaving ends in. I have never seen such terrible yarn quality. This yarn just gave me fits. I'd write Knit Picks but the yarn is discontinued any ways. Live and learn I guess.

Another Mad AngleI lost this round of Sock Madness. I began knitting as soon as the pattern was released, and I got a migraine. My partner was gracious enough to not knit until I felt better. But once I was over the migraine I got a stomach bug. Somethings are just not to be. I lost this round to the talented Laura. It was bittersweet. I was relieved to be able to once again knit with no pressure, but I was hoping to make it to the Final Four. I'll settle for the Sweet Sixteen. It was a lot of fun.

Tomorrow? A pair of sock that were non-competition related. And a shower?

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

FO Report Sock Madness Round 3

Thanks for all the love! I love you guys too! And just for the record Tam, I check your blog every day and I do care if you post or not (do you feel the pressure?).

If you've been assuming that because I haven't posted on my knitting blog it must be because I haven't knit anything, you are sorely mistaken. All that time I could have spent composing blog posts and uploading pictures has been spent knitting instead (amoung other things like eating, sleeping, and watering the children) I've been a knitting machine. Well not a machine, I didn't finish a sweater or anything. But I did make myself a couple of fancy new pairs of socks.

Painted Madness

Pattern: Painted Madness

Yarn: Knit picks Sock Garden, Zinnia, now discontinued

Needles: Size 1.5 dpns

Modifications: None, they're not allowed.


Let me state that hands down, these are my favorite sock madness socks. I love the clever cast on: you knit the pointed hem side-ways, then pick up along the edge to Super Cute Toesknit the sock from there. I love turning the sock inside out half way through knitting. I love the cute swirl toe. It's not the most comfortable toe, but it's the cutest! I would never have knit these socks if left to my own devices. I didn't think I was a cuff sock kinda gal. But it turns out I am.

I love these socks. And of course my love of knit picks sock yarn is well documented. These socks are squishy, and comfy, and will be quite warm for the week of winter we will have next december. The pattern is available for purchase by emailing the designer at or from Mountain Knits and Pearls East Stroudsburg, PA. Either way the cost is $4.00 and $1.00 for postage and handling. I did indeed pass round three of Sock Madness. I think I was the third person to finish my socks so I advanced to round four as part of the "Sweet Sixteen."

Man I love these socks!

Tomorrow? Round Four wrap up.