Monday, November 28, 2005

The Model of Restraint

I was so excited about blocking my shawl I had to show a preview. I thought it was a pretty cool shot too. (see I really am a big dork) This is the first project where blocking made an actual noticeable difference. Pre-blocking the shawl looked neat, it had a diamond pattern that you could see, but it was a bit on the small side, in fact it was the perfect size for Pork Chop. But post blocking it is stunning. It is the right size. The color pattern really pops out at you. The diamonds are beautiful, and I've only found one big Oops (my knitting oops not a pattern flaw). I'll do my write up and pictures tomorrow.

In the meantime I've been the model of restrained. I really really really wanted to knit the green cardigan. I click on the pattern at least twice a day to visit with it. I dream of wearing it to playgroup or church. I imagine how I'll shrug casually when someone compliments it and say "Thank You. I made it." Or maybe I'll just say "thank you" and feel all smug because I know I made it. I've haunted on-line yarn stores looking for the yarn or a comparable substitute. But I've got gobs of yarn that needs knit, and half finished projects that need done. I don't need another thing to do. I vowed to finish something before I cast on for a new project, or even bought more yarn (see my restraint, let's not mention that I did a few gauge swatches with yarn I already own and none of them are suitable, otherwise I'd be halfway to the yolk by now) Then on Friday I saw my chance.

We never shop on Black Friday. I freakin' hate people, and the thought of all those pushing people in one place, let's just say I'd rather impale myself on my own knitting needles. We always, always, always (I'm in the mood to repeat myself at least three times today) decorate for Christmas on the day after Thanksgiving (except for that year we put the tree up the weekend before Thanksgiving). Those of you who know me know that my apartment is wall to wall furniture. We used to have a moderate-size house with a living room and a family room. We had a three piece sectional couch in our living room and a smaller couch in the family room. Now we just have a large living room with lots and lots of seating. We joke that if you can't find a place to sit in our home than we are way over fire code regulation. The was no place to put a tree. We talked about not having a tree but that was just too sad to contemplate. We talked about getting rid of one of the couches, but I think it's stupid to throw out a couch just to make room for a tree, we're going to move in a year, and who knows, our next place could have plenty of room, and then I'd really miss that couch. We moved our two couches trying to create a space, bear in mind one is a three piece sectional with a hide-a-bead, ie heavier than any other piece of furniture known to man. Then we moved them again. Then we moved them again. Then we moved our entertainment center, which involved un-hooking the surround sound, the cable, the vcr, and the dvd player only to re-attatch them three feet later. Then we moved the couches. Then we thought about just getting a divorce but we couldn't decide who would get which couch. Finally we found an arrangement that worked. It involved putting part of the sectional in the basement. As a matter of fact when we were done aside from swapping where the couches were and moving the entertainment center three feet to the left the only real change was we moved the piano into the dining room and put the tree where the piano was. If we had tried that first we wouldn't have had to move the couches at all. We could have saved our backs and three hours of our lives. But I digress (and I do like the entertainment center where it is, and I like that the sectional isn't blocking part of the windows, so it wasn't completely wasted time.).

I really was going somewhere with this story, somewhere knitting related. Oh yeah, now I remember. After moving all that stuff we decided we NEEDED to get out of the house for a bit. The Greatest wanted to buy some more fish for his fish tank. I used this as my chance to go to the yarn shop. "Sure we can get you some expensive overpriced fish that your aggressive fish will only mutilate and eat, but let's go fondle some overpriced yarn I don't really need first." And he fell for it. Not only did he take me to the yarn store but he bought me this.

Image hosted by

It is eight skiens of Cashsoft DK. It will be the Alpaca Cardigan with Glitter, never mind that its a wool/microfiber/cashmere blend and I won't be using glitter. It's freakin cashmere. It's so soft and springy and I'm in love. He also bought me not one but two sizes of Addi needles to make the Cardigan. I think he feels bad about the Vegetable Shortening mess.

Did I immediately cast on? Uh, maybe? But it was only a gauge swatch. See my restraint! And while the gauge swatch blocked and dried I finished my Adamas shawl. It was too pretty to completely abandon, and I did have that vow about finishing something and all. But while that was blocked and drying I started my cardigan.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Isn't it pretty. I'm in love. I could so turn into a complete yarn snob. You can't do fancy lace tricks with acrylic and acrylic never felt like this. Then I think of handwashing sweaters for the children and I'm filled with gratitude for acrylic. Hard working, durable, machine washable acrylic. It's all well and good. But my cardigan will be Cashsoft.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


Image hosted by

The baby is blocking.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The things they'll do to get out of having to eat my cooking

I love my children. I love my children. I love my children. I love my children. I love my children. I love my children. I love my children. I love my children.

That isn't so much a declaration of maternal love, more of a mantra I've been chanting to keep myself from harming them.

I was feeding the baby a bottle. All was normal. Kids were playing. Then I realized Meaty and Bird were being quiet. All parents are familiar with that "too quiet" quiet. That silence that screams impending doom. I sent Pork Chop to see what they were into. She came back an announced that they were playing with potatoes. No biggie. What harm could they cause with potatoes. The worst thing they could do was take a bite out of them, and since they were destined to be boiled then mashed tomorrow (the potatoes, not the children), I didn't think a missing chunk here or there would make a difference. I continued feeding the baby and didn't give the quiet children another thought. In fact I was a little relieved they had found something so simple and non-messy and quiet to play with.

Or so I though......

As Squeaky was finishing her bottle Meaty wandered into the room. He was unimaginably happy. The kind of happiness that comes from doing something illicit. I'd seen that look before. He had huge clumps of white all over him. A closer look told me they hadn't been playing with potatoes, it was something much worse. They had opened a new tub of VEGETABLE SHORTENING and spread the ENTIRE TUB on themselves, the kitchen, the dining room and most importantly the carpet. I guess shortening clumps do resemble mashed potatoes to a five year old.

When Pork Chop was about Birds age she smeared most of a tub of Vaseline on her head. She had the same smile Meaty was sporting. It took us six weeks and a bottle of dawn to get the grease out of her hair. I didn't think my other children could top that story. But they did.

I've cleaned the children. Their hair is limp but their skin looks fabulous. So smooth and soft and slightly luminous, you know, cause oil makes things shiny. I cleaned the shelves in the kitchen, and my antique cabinet, which is also looking conditioned and shinny. I've cleaned the dining room table and chairs, the toys, and the changing table. So far nothing is worse for wear. But the floors will never be the same.

I've washed the kitchen floor five times now and it is still slick. It looks clean, but don't walk across it in socks. It's slick as can be.

The carpet is ruined. We tried pulling up all the clumps, then blotting, then washing. It's still white. I'm trying cornstarch now to absorb some of the oil, but since the carpet is wet from cleaning I don't know if it will work. I'm afraid it will never be the same, and our deposit on the apartment is as good as gone.

All I can think is Thanksgiving is TOMORROW, didn't they think I had enough to do as it is. I've spent all afternoon either cleaning or researching cleaning methods to restore the house. And since they used all the shortening I can't make pies tonight. I know I'm not a champion pie maker like my Aunt, and her mother before her, but I didn't think it was that bad. There are easier ways to get out of eating my pumpkin praline pie, like saying "no thank you." That's my children. Always going with the big dramatic gestures when a simple "no thank you" will suffice.

And when I called The Greatest to tell him what HIS children had done all he had to say was "Did they get my fish tank." No honey that was on the other side of the room. But I'm thinking of getting his fish tank. Who named this guy The Greatest anyways?

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My apologies

Here's the link to the FREE pattern.

Pretty Sweater

The only catch?

The pattern is metric, and the diagram is in Norwegian.*

I'll bet Boyd is behind this.

*edited to provide correct foreign language. I should have just said it's in a foreign language instead of trying to name it and prove my ignorance. Again, my apologies.*

Somebody stop me

I've been knitting on Adamas, and it is beautiful. It is the love child created by me and Knitpicks, practically perfect in everyway. The lace pattern is memorizable, yet still requires concentration. I've gotten to the point where the are over three hundred stitches per row and it takes forever to finish a row. So the thrill of immediate progress is gone.

I then turned to my jaywalker socks. The pattern is calm, and mindless. And the socks are brown. I feel uninspired. For some reason things I try to knit for The Greatest are easily discarded, they're all brown and boring.

Then yesterday I was just wandering around the internet, ignoring the children, and I found this.

Image hosted by

A new obsession is born. I'm in love with this sweater. I want to drop everything and immediately begin knitting this lovely thing. I even did a test swatch of a yarn I own, it won't work, but maybe all that red yarn from Hopeful would be suitable. I want this sweater.

I need to finish my corset. Two inches of sleeve, a bit of seaming and I'll be done. Why won't I just finish the corset?

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What the neighbors must think

Here's my amusing anecdote for the day.

Yesterday I was watching "What not to wear" on TLC while the children were eating lunch. After lunch Bird went down for her nap. I then turned off the TV and told Meaty and Bounce that they had to pick up the toys, then they could watch TV for quiet time. I left them to clean and brought Squeaky upstairs to bottle feed, rock and put down for her nap. After she was all tucked in and snoozing I realized the worst noises were coming from downstairs. It was moaning, a low rhythmic moaning, a female moaning, and it was LOUD. I went downstairs to see what the children were watching. I have parental locks on the TV so they shouldn't have been able to get anything adult, but you never know with these kids, they're scary smart. I walked into the living room where they were spellbound staring at the TV and asked "What are you watching" to which Bounce mournfully replied "We don't know." They had turned the TV back on (after picking up most of the toys I might add, I'm so proud) but being unable to reach the remote they were forced to watch "A Baby Story" on TLC. Funny I never realized women sound the same giving birth as they do conceiving. Being unable the change the channel they had logically turned the volume up all the way. And our windows were wide open. I'm sure child services will be here tomorrow to find out why I'm showing my children such questionable material.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

No more chemo tuesdays

I have been the recipient of an amazing amount of love and support from the virtual community regarding my Mom and her breast cancer. I'd like to thank everyone for their e-mails, comments, thoughts, and prayers. This is the situation now. We got her body scan and an echo cardiogram done a few weeks ago to track the progress of her cancer. The good news is her lesions have decresed 50%. The bad news is her heart has been badly damaged by the chemotherapy drugs so she is taking a few months off from chemo to let her heart mend.

I think that is why I have this mental block and growing hatred for the Hopeful sweater. The designer generously donated all proceeds and then some from the sale of that pattern for Breast Cancer Research. In my mind this will always be "The Breast Cancer Sweater." And I don't want to walk around wearing a constant reminder that my Mother has breast cancer, no matter how cute the sweater is.

So I'm currently taking suggestions on what to do with 900 yards of Hollyberry Merino Wool.

And I'm checking all the places I've stashed liquor for Boyd. Candsmom might be right. I think he's taken up drinking. Could there be anything worse than a drunk evil circular needle?

Monday, November 14, 2005

The Evil Genius Returns

She's finally put it together. OF COURSE when her knitting goes wrong I'm behind the scenes pulling the "strings" (insert evil laugh here). A brilliant mastermind like myself should be instantly recognized, but since she has mentioned that there are new people around I shall grace you with the courtesy of an introduction.

I am Boyd. I am a magnificent blue circular knitting needle. Every once in a while I break into her blog to post. ("dyob etah i" is not a clever password) I work behind the scenes helping her to realize her true love. I am not her archenemy as she claims. I am her biggest fan. I love her so. *sob* That is why I can not understand why she has abandoned me in favor of other knitting instruments like her precious Addi Turbos. *sob* I can not help myself. So what if I sabotage her other relationships with her current knitting. I do it because I love her so. When everything else falls apart I know she'll come back to me. *maniacal laugh* Oh yeah, I also control the weather.

Let me show you what my criminal mind has been up to.

At night I have been whispering in her ear that she needs to finish her corset and her "Hopeful"sweater before she can start a new project. That is why she has been having such a hard time casting on a new project.

She finally broke my spell on Friday. She began her Adamas shawl. I must confess. This pattern is untouchable even by me. It is flawless. I can do nothing to ruin such perfection. So I attacked her yarn. She knit a few inches and I had Bird sit on her yarn ball so the yarn broke. This is all she did.

Image hosted by

Don't I look beautiful with that yarn. Wouldn't I look magnificent while knitting the Adamas shawl. So what if I'm the wrong needle size. Don't you know size doesn't matter.

She tried again Saturday. She made a mistake all by herself and even with a lifeline ended up having to frog the entire thing. I managed to weaken a section of her yarn so it broke while she was frogging it.

Image hosted by

She got further, but it wasn't good enough.

On Sunday she did this

Image hosted by

I must confess it is beautiful. Look at this stitch detail.

Image hosted by

Even unblocked it is a thing of beauty. Such beauty even touches a cold metal soul like mine. I can not bring myself to further sabotage something so lovely. *sob* It would be like spray paining a Van Gogh. What? Did you think I am completely without feeling?

She has decided that she can only knit on Adamas when she is fully awake and able to concentrate. So she cast on for some socks for that so-called Greatest to work on when she is tired and distracted. I shall turn my attention to sabotaging them. She has already had to frog them once this weekend. I changed the pattern to an ugly double decrease. After an inch she realized she could make it better. So now this is as far as she has gotten.

Image hosted by

I have plenty of time to ruin these socks. *evil laugh* I would rub my hands together with glee if I had some.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Feeling "Hope"less

I've been knitting on Hopeful again. For all my talk about only knitting on things I want to knit I found myself knitting on Hopeful yesterday, and only Hopeful. And resenting it the entire time. I wanted to finish the bodice before I forgot what I was doing. So here it is. My finished bodice.

Image hosted by

I seriously hope the collar takes up more room than I think it's going to. The neckline is still down to the bottom of my bra. If the collar doesn't offer some serious coverage I guess I'll have to wear this sweater with a black tank top under it paired with a black pencil skirt.

There is really no end to my displeasure with this pattern. I understand that it was originally created for a woman who has a petite frame and short torso. I am not a long torso-ed freak. I am five foot six, with a very average build. I'm on the slender side, but not abnormally thin, just average. It frustrates me that I have to do this much fiddling. And this pattern does not lend itself to fiddling. Plus I've been on the knitalong, and everyone there is having trouble with the collar. Thank goodness for Marnie Maclean and her well written modifications. Otherwise I'd stop knitting right now and eBay the yarn. I'm that frustrated with it.

Of course there's always the possibility that I can't knit, and I should mess with patterns. I should just knit them as written.

Or Boyd's around here somewhere. (For those of you who are new here, Boyd is my archenemy. He is a mean-spirited, twisted, ugly circular needle who often does bad things to my knitting. And he controls the weather.)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

This doesn't bode well for The Greatest

Monogamy? Who was I kidding? Even as I typed it I didn't believe it yesterday. I couldn't even pretend to keep it up for 24 hours.

I started with Hopeful. I wanted to finish the bodice before I forgot what I was doing. But my inner perfectionist won, and I've decided to frog the bodice and reknit it. It's one thing to have issues from knitting that I just don't know how to do better. But this is something I know I can do better, and easily fix (except for the part where I frog an entire day's work), so rip it I shall. But I didn't feel like doing all that work yesterday.

So I moved on to my corset. I knit my entire new ball of yarn. The sleeve is beautiful and almost done. Don't worry, I've still got a bit of a ball dangling from the first sleeve, but I wanted to take out the bind-off and make that sleeve a smidge longer. I didn't feel up to putting the second sleeve onto waste yarn, then fiddling with the first sleeve, then finishing the second sleeve. I just didn't want to do that much thinking last night. So I moved on.

I thought about knitting on Evil. But I only entertained that thought for a fraction of a second.

So then I did this.

Image hosted by

You wouldn't think that winding a ball of yarn would take two hours to do, and almost result in a divorce, but it did. After winding 440 yards of lace weight yarn by hand I've realized two things.

1. I can not wait to start knitting with this tiny floss.

2. I need to make friends with someone who owns a ball winder. Or buy one. Really it would be saving my marriage. It would be for our relationship baby.

By the time I finished winding my ball I was too emotionally and physically exhausted to do anything else. But working on four projects (thinking about Evil counts right?) is enough for anyone. I really am a knitting slut.

Maybe monogamy just isn't for me. I need freedom to jump from yarn to yarn and needle to needle as my mood changes. I need to knit only stockingnette when I'm tired, and cables when I'm feeling adventurous. I have so many things I have to do in the course of a day. If I don't feel like cooking, I still have to. I might not want to change that dirty diaper, but I have to. I hate washing dishes, but I have to. My day is full of "have tos". I want my knitting to be full of "want tos". And my wants need to be free to change according to my whims. I need something in my life to be pure pleasure, therefore (getting on my soap box)I will no longer pretend to indulge in knitting monogamy, and (louder now)I will never again feel guilty for it. Can I get an "amen"?

And cause I haven't done it in a while. Here's some picture of my kids cause they're cute.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Now I "have to" go make sure the kids aren't downstairs playing with matches. And cast on for a new project.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hope springs eternal

So yesterday I was patiently waiting (alright looking out the window for the mail truck every five minutes)for my Knitpicks yarn. While I waited I went through my UFOs and decided to work on the one that was closest to completion. But since Bird's sweater merely needs buttons sewn on and I haven't bough buttons yet, I moved on to Hopeful.

I used to keep very detailed notes concerning what I was knitting. I used to keep track of pattern modifications and where I was in the pattern. Then I went through a phase of knitting monogamy. I would knit only one project to completion. I didn't need such detailed notes because I could keep track of things from one day to the next. Life was sweet. (this phase of knitting monogamy occurred when I knit Pork Chops socks, then Bird's socks with no cheating on the side). So after successfully knitting two pairs of socks with no real notes or interruptions I got cocky. I gave into my knitting slut and began flitting from half finished project to half finished project. And I didn't leave a paper trail.

I spent ten minutes staring at my Hopeful trying to decide what I was doing. I remembered that I had made the modifications on length (I didn't make this mistake again). But eventually I ended up ripping out the bodice and reknitting it (I only had an inch of the right side on the bodice). I decided to knit in the round to the armscye. Then I knit the left and right front at the same time. I made some stupid mistakes, too obvious to mention (why prove my stupidity). I haven't decided if I'm going to keep it the way it is or rip and redo. I think leaving it would be fine, I'm just so anal I haven't decided if I can live with the imperfection. But I've got the front and half of the upper back finished.

Image hosted by

Then I got the mail. Knitpicks never fails me. I think I called Thursday, and I got my squishy envelope of joy yesterday evening. In addition to the final ball of Andean Silk (my inner freak is wondering if I should have ordered two) I received some sock yarn (just black) and this

Image hosted by

Isn't it so girly and pretty. I'm going to make this. I can hardly wait, but I gotta finish my current projects first. I must finish my corset, and hopeful, I must not cast on, I need to buy new needles for this project anyways, must resist urge. Who am I kidding. I'll post pictures of my shawl progress tomorrow.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Twiddling my thumbs

While I wait, oh so unpatiently, for my final skien of cornflower andean silk to finish my corset I've had to find other ways to spend my time. As you can see I've finally gotten around to answering the memes. I've shown you google pervert searches for my bathtub. I've publically declared my love for Knitpicks. And now in my crowning glory I'm going to present you with a Finished Object.

Image hosted by

Pattern: Rosebud Afghan from Book 742 Afghans by Columbia Minerva

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in Light Country Blue

Needles: Size 10 straights

Modifications: I didn't put the duplicate knit flowers in the middle of the diamonds, but other than that I left the pattern alone. Oh, and I put two rows of single crochet around the entire afghan instead of just one row.

Review: I loved this afghan. It was so quick and easy to knit. It was the duplicate knit that kept me from finishing it. I didn't like the flower that came with the pattern, and I couldn't find a replacement flower to use. I finally decided that I like it all in blue. It becomes a study of textures, the knit diamonds, the purl background, the cables, the fringe. I think the double cables look amazing.

Image hosted by

This picture just doesn't do it justice. And I'm very pleased with how the fringe turned out.

Image hosted by

It took me three hours to tie it all. But it was so totally worth it. This afghan is a present for my Aunt and I can't wait to give it to her. I like this pattern enough that I'm thinking of making another one for myself. Maybe in a lovely merino wool. Must not go to knitpicks and search for an acceptable yarn, must not go to knitpicks, must resist knitpicks.

You're It

I forgot to tag people for the meme yesterday. So how bout it King Leo? You're new. Wanna share twenty things about you? Tara? Desert Knits? Come on. You know you wanna share.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Meme Madness

I've been tagged by Candsmom for 20 things about me, as well as by Jaclyn for 5 weird facts about me. So here is a list of 25 things you never wanted to know about me.

We'll start with 20 random thoughts
  1. I used to quilt, but I was always dropping straight pins and The Greatest was always stepping on them. I quit quilting and learned to knit after Pork Chop was born. I was terrified she would crawl on a pin. I figured I could keep track of two knitting needles.
  2. I overestimated my ability to keep track of things.
  3. I didn't become obsessed with knitting until after Meaty was born.
  4. I knit with the yarn in my right hand (American? English? I can never keep the proper name straight)
  5. I have tried with the yarn in my left hand and it's faster and sometimes I think about making the switch. I'm just too lazy to take the time to practice so my stitches would be really nice like they are when I knit with the yarn in my right hand.
  6. I like to have three projects ready to seam or have ends woven in before I'll do the finishing work.
  7. I just hate it so much I have to have a lot of it to do to make it seem worth my while.
  8. I don't mind knitting with acrylic *gasp**shock**horror*. I'm branching out into natural fibers, and starting to prefer them, but I still think acrylic has it's uses. Not to mention it's so budget friendly.
  9. I used to wear only black and dark nail polish. The Greatest still teases me when I buy something pastel, especially if its pink.
  10. Somedays I'm surprised by how little black is in my closet.
  11. I was a vocal music major in college. I used to sing everywhere all day long.
  12. Now I rarely sing and I don't know why.
  13. I make all the beds in the house almost every day. Sometimes I give myself Sundays off.
  14. When I was pregnant with Bird I used to wash the windows every day. Even Sundays.
  15. I was so glad to give birth because that meant I could stop washing the windows.
  16. I believe epidurals are the greatest invention of mankind.
  17. Sometimes I feel guilty for having the epidurals and not being strong enough to tough it out.
  18. Then I remember there's no cash prize for enduring all that pain and I feel alright with my decision.
  19. I still feel a little bit in awe of someone when I hear they didn't get the epidural.
  20. I hate feet. I think they're very ugly. Yet I always keep my toenails polished and pretty.

And Here are 5 wierd facts about me

  1. I met The Greatest at a gas station. I had just broken up with my college sweetheart, the guy all my friends thought, and my parents feared, I would marry. And by just I mean that very morning. I fell in love with The Greatest on sight and would have run away with him that night if he had only asked. Instead we waited a prudent four months before getting married.
  2. I used to be a drug addict. You name it I've probably tried it. I would take anything but my very favorite in the whole wide world was cocaine. I quit when The Greatest asked me to. That was eight years ago and I very rarely look back. Although sometimes I think motherhood would be easier if I were still doing drugs.
  3. I had a full scholarship to college. That surprised most of the people I knew in high school. As one bitch, I mean girl, I knew so eloquently put it "Like I didn't think you were like stupid Goddess, but I like didn't know you were like that smart."
  4. It doesn't matter how full I get, there is always room for ice cream. I could be Thanksgiving dinner-gonna-puke-if-I- eat-another-bite full and I could still eat ice cream.
  5. Before there was caller id I could almost always guess who was calling when the phone rang. I called it psychic ability, but it was more a subconscious awareness of calling patterns. My Mom usually called around 5 every three or four days, and my roommate's Mom usually called around seven, and my boyfriend usually called around 3 a.m. No psychic ability, just calling patterns. I always wanted to be psychic.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

I'm in love

I am in love. I am jumping on the couch, waving my arms around like a crazy person, people are questioning my sanity, in love...again. (that Tom Cruise comparison is never going away.) And the object of my affection? *dreamy sigh*Knitpicks*blush*

I know, I know. Some people hate knitpicks. They take forever to send the yarn. They wonder if they send it via the sheered sheep. But I live close to the distribution center, so I get my yarn in mere days after ordering it.

I also love that they are cheap with no acrylic. When I first started knitting I knit only with acrylic. It was all I had access to and could afford. I love that I am able to branch out into Merino wool, and cotton, and alpaca/silk blends. Maybe someday I'll be able to afford cashmere, but for now this makes me just as happy as my red heart yarn did when I was first learning to knit. (And for the record I still use some acrylic, it depends on the maker, and the project, and the color, I'm not a complete yarn snob yet).

Other people scoff at their color palette equating it with a crayon box. I've actually given this theory some consideration and the crayon box theory does have merit. There's no denying it. They do have a crayola color palette. No subtle shading here. But I think that is one of the things I love about it. Crayola painted my childhood. I loved to color. I can't draw. Pork Chop creates more advanced drawings than I do. But by golly I can color a coloring book with the best of them. Nothing made me happier than a brand spankin new box of crayons with all those sharp wax points lined up neatly in the box. They screamed creative possibilities and neatly colored pictures (because you could only really stay in the lines with factory sharpened points). So Crayola colors=happiness. Yarn=happiness. So for me Crayola colored yarn = pure bliss. As the yarn flows through my fingers it gives me feelings reminiscent of my childhood. An innocent, peaceful, happy time. Where's the downside in that. Knitting is a considerable investment of time and money. Why not put that investment into something that makes you happy. For me, right now, crayola colors make me happy.

But the real reason I am jumping on the couch this morning? I ordered yarn a few months ago for my silk corset. I ordered enough balls to make my corset with 3/4 length sleeves. Last night I decided I like full sleeves better, but I only have enough yarn to make one and a half full length sleeves. I called them this morning and they are going to send me my final ball in the SAME DYE LOT so I can have my beautiful corset with full length sleeves. I *heart* them.

Of course while I was ordering my single ball I HAD to order other things to get the free shipping (using that argument again), so I got some more sock yarn (including black yarn for a pair for The Greatest, he can't whine when I bought him something right), and some lace yarn, and a BEAUTIFUL lace pattern designed by Miriam. I'm saving money in the long run right?

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

That thing about horizontal stripes...totally true

My Socktober Socks are done! And only a day late.

Image hosted by

Pattern: Knitty's Straight Laced Socks

Yarn: Knit Pick Sock Garden in Star Gazer Lily

Needles: Two Addi Turbo size 0 Circular Needles

Modifications: My gauge in this yarn on size 0 needles was considerably different from the pattern so I ended up casting on 84 stitches. I fudged the heel and gusset, knitting 12 stitches in the middle of the heel and picking up a bunch of stitches for the gusset (sorry, I can't remember the actual number). On the toe bind off I bound off four stitches every round instead of every other round. I performed the three needle bind off when I had eight stitches left.

Review: I love love LOVE these socks. I've never made myself a pair of hand knit socks, and now I'm wondering why. They are so soft and comfortable. This pattern was easily adaptable and perfect for repetitious mindless knitting.

Turning the heel was my favorite part.

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It was like knitting magic. I may abandon toe-up socks forever. The heel gusset is so much easier to pull on than a short row heel.

My complaints. No matter how careful you are, no matter how you start the yarn at exactly the same pattern repetition, you can never get your striped socks to match up exactly. Mine were great until the heel turn, then they got off by half a round. I tried so hard, identical socks are just a myth. My other complaint? Horizontal stripes really do make you look wider. My feet looks so wide and round, like cartoon feet.

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But when you're this comfortable, who cares?