Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My apologies

Here's the link to the FREE pattern.

Pretty Sweater

The only catch?

The pattern is metric, and the diagram is in Norwegian.*

I'll bet Boyd is behind this.

*edited to provide correct foreign language. I should have just said it's in a foreign language instead of trying to name it and prove my ignorance. Again, my apologies.*


candsmom said...

It would figure, especially since Boyd's continental. Him and his debonair foreign accent. That sweater IS really beautiful, though. Thanks for the link! And, you do know that Boyd hid your corset with his booze stash, right? ;-) Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Karyn said...

actually, the language is norwegian, which i sort of understand since i'm scandinavian. :)

(and hi! i found you through rincaros blog.)

Karyn said...

i wasn't trying to make you feel ignorant, just letting you know that if you need a translator there is one just a link away! except that i knit in english, so i'm no expert at the swedish/norwegian/whatever terms, but i could learn!

kimberly said...

I wouldn't have know what language that is either. Just so you know, I love it when intelligent people make these kind of mistakes, it makes me feel not quite so dumb. ;) Thanks for the link. I love that sweater, too. ugh-I have so much to do already. ;)