Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hope springs eternal

So yesterday I was patiently waiting (alright looking out the window for the mail truck every five minutes)for my Knitpicks yarn. While I waited I went through my UFOs and decided to work on the one that was closest to completion. But since Bird's sweater merely needs buttons sewn on and I haven't bough buttons yet, I moved on to Hopeful.

I used to keep very detailed notes concerning what I was knitting. I used to keep track of pattern modifications and where I was in the pattern. Then I went through a phase of knitting monogamy. I would knit only one project to completion. I didn't need such detailed notes because I could keep track of things from one day to the next. Life was sweet. (this phase of knitting monogamy occurred when I knit Pork Chops socks, then Bird's socks with no cheating on the side). So after successfully knitting two pairs of socks with no real notes or interruptions I got cocky. I gave into my knitting slut and began flitting from half finished project to half finished project. And I didn't leave a paper trail.

I spent ten minutes staring at my Hopeful trying to decide what I was doing. I remembered that I had made the modifications on length (I didn't make this mistake again). But eventually I ended up ripping out the bodice and reknitting it (I only had an inch of the right side on the bodice). I decided to knit in the round to the armscye. Then I knit the left and right front at the same time. I made some stupid mistakes, too obvious to mention (why prove my stupidity). I haven't decided if I'm going to keep it the way it is or rip and redo. I think leaving it would be fine, I'm just so anal I haven't decided if I can live with the imperfection. But I've got the front and half of the upper back finished.

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Then I got the mail. Knitpicks never fails me. I think I called Thursday, and I got my squishy envelope of joy yesterday evening. In addition to the final ball of Andean Silk (my inner freak is wondering if I should have ordered two) I received some sock yarn (just black) and this

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Isn't it so girly and pretty. I'm going to make this. I can hardly wait, but I gotta finish my current projects first. I must finish my corset, and hopeful, I must not cast on, I need to buy new needles for this project anyways, must resist urge. Who am I kidding. I'll post pictures of my shawl progress tomorrow.


Lynda said...

Can't wait to see your shawl start up! I've got KnitPicks order all set and ready to go in my "Wish List" - I think I'll hit that "Add to Cart" button today - I've got a shawl in mind too! Thanks for the push.

candsmom said...

That is one gorgeous shawl. It's going to be beautiful in your new girly yarn. Hopeful's looking great, too...but really, monogamy? Who are we kidding? We're just a bunch of knit tramps who'll cast-on with just about anything. Any size, any color, you name it, we'll do it. ;-)

keohinani said...

bahaha, i concur with chris!
but logging your progress and stuff sounds like a really good idea i should really do some time soon...the WIP list keeps getting longer, and there's only so much fudging you can do before the mistakes are no longer a "design feature." ;)

Anonymous said...

As a man, it is always about one thing at a time for me.