Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Somebody stop me

I've been knitting on Adamas, and it is beautiful. It is the love child created by me and Knitpicks, practically perfect in everyway. The lace pattern is memorizable, yet still requires concentration. I've gotten to the point where the are over three hundred stitches per row and it takes forever to finish a row. So the thrill of immediate progress is gone.

I then turned to my jaywalker socks. The pattern is calm, and mindless. And the socks are brown. I feel uninspired. For some reason things I try to knit for The Greatest are easily discarded, they're all brown and boring.

Then yesterday I was just wandering around the internet, ignoring the children, and I found this.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

A new obsession is born. I'm in love with this sweater. I want to drop everything and immediately begin knitting this lovely thing. I even did a test swatch of a yarn I own, it won't work, but maybe all that red yarn from Hopeful would be suitable. I want this sweater.

I need to finish my corset. Two inches of sleeve, a bit of seaming and I'll be done. Why won't I just finish the corset?


rincaro said...

Ahem. You can't post something that lovely without linkage.

Kim said...

That sweater is awesome! Where did you find it?