Thursday, June 05, 2008

Just for the record...

First let me apologise for the quality of the pictures. I've grown so spoiled with my rebel. I'm just used to taking a certain caliber of photo, namely, photos in focus. Not to beat a dead horse, but the broken camera is causing me no small source of frustration. But Bird is totally sorry.


I snapped this photo this morning after she asked if she could take a picture and I reminded her that she broke the camera. You can see how bad she feels. Who can stay mad at that? Certainly not me.

On to the knitting...

I totally kicked the yarn's butt.


It wasn't even a photo finish. I totally smoked it!

Then I turned around and knit this for a friend.


Janelle was right, once you knit one of these everyone wants one. It's a good thing they're so fun to knit!

Then I spent over forty hours knitting this


Then to cleanse my palate from all that lace I knit this for Sweet Pea


She's just started oatmeal and needs something as pretty as she is to wash the oatmeal mess. If you look carefully through the blur you can see the hearts on it.

And I knit these for some friends


They are expecting their first child. We couldn't be happier for them.

And I've started knitting this


What can I say, I'm on a lace kick, and is there anything more feminine and romantic than white lace?

I've been a knitting machine! Careful observers will notice that while I have completed all this knitting I have failed to weave the ends in or block a single project. Bad knitter. I working under a bit of stress here. We've been waiting to find out something fairly large. Something fairly large, and good. But until we know for sure we're in limbo, and I hate limbo. I just want to make a plan and roll ahead with it. I hate spinning my wheels waiting. We all know how well I did a few summers ago when we were waiting to hear about the big job change/move (and by "how well I did" I really mean, "how well I didn't do"). So to pass the time I'm knitting with a vengence. Weaving ends and blocking just doesn't sooth my nerves, plus my blocking spot is currently housing Meaty's Geo-trax collection. I should try to take a picture, it seriously takes up the entire living room and hallway, it's threatening to grow into the kitchen. I've got to find that boy a different hobby. His train collection is larger than my yarn collection. But I digress. There's no point to my rambling really. Just knitting, feeding hungry baby oatmeal, and waiting, waiting, waiting.