Thursday, May 19, 2005

Poor little neglected blog. But I've been productive while I've been gone. I'm neglecting you for a different kind of productivity. See

fabulous sweater

My sweater is coming along better than expected. For those who care I crocheted the squares using a size D hook and then knit the top on size 5 circular needles. I knited in the round to the arms the divided the front and back. I will connect the two at the shoulder with a three needle bind off. I'm going to use the scalloped edge of the blue sweater on the neckline, cuffs and bottom of the sweater. I may rip the neckline out after I get both sides done and revamp it in more of a U than a V.

Now one may ask how I found time to be so productive. Well The Greatest went to see Star Wars last night at midnight, so after the kids went to bed I was left to my own devices. Then this morning this sweet creature

cutie face boy

decided to throw up at Four-thirty (the eyes are red because he's evil). After that we sat up and watched Dora together. So I found plenty of time to knit. I think I'd prefer not to have that kind of time on my hands.

Monday, May 16, 2005

I haven't knitted since I moved. I really don't have a project to work on. The Greatest told me yesterday that I really needed to knit. I guess he can tell my stress level is unusually high lately. I explained that I didn't have anything to knit, so he sent me yarn shopping. I tried to find yarn for next month's Mariposa Along, but couldn't find what I wanted. I fondled lots of fiber, but was completely uninspired. I flipped through my collection of patterns and while I have many patterns that I intend to make at some point none of them screamed "Knit me right now" at me. I need something vaguely mindless, stockingnette not ribbing, I'm in a sweater not a cardigan mood, nothing was right. Then I saw this pattern in the store

Image hosted by

The sweater is croctet, but I really love the edging. So I've decided to design my first sweater (Evil doesn't count, have I mentioned that Evil got packed and I can't seem to find it anywhere). I couldn't find a pattern I likes, so I'm making my own pattern. I bought some very cheap acrylic by the pound. I don't want to put too much money into this if it turns out to be a complete disaster. But I figure designing my own sweater will keep me off the streets and out of trouble for awhile. I'm going to have a wide scoop neck sweater. I haven't decided if I want to make the block patterns edge to bottom of the sweater like in the picture, or put it in the middle of the sweater like an empire waiste. It might be too wide to do that with. I'll figure it out. I've started making squares.

Image hosted by

Aren't they pretty? Harley (my Parent's dog) is happy I'm knitting again.

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Friday, May 13, 2005

Happy Birthday Lanie

For some reason my children do not have a great track record with First Birthdays. Meaty was in the hospital for his. Bird is not enduring anything so dramatic, but she does have an ear infection and roseola. Regardless she is painfully sweet and unbearably cute.

Image hosted by

This is for Bird.

When I found out I was pregnant with you I was devestated. Your Brother was still a baby himself and I just didn't know how I would cope. I thought it would be great if you were a boy, so you and your Brother could grow up to be best friends. What was I thinking. From the moment they placed you in my arms you have been this missing piece of the puzzle that was our family.

Image hosted by

You have been the sweetest baby so full of joy and love for everyone. You give big sloppy kisses to everyone even the dog. You're quick to laugh. You have added light and love to our family.

Image hosted by

You have grown and accomplished so much. From a sweet dependant newborn has come this girl who walks and eats everything. You can say "Mama", "Bad Dad", "Bye Bye", and "Pop Pop" (that's your name for Grandpa).

Image hosted by

You are amazing. Every day with you is new and interesting. I can't wait to see all the things you do in your next year. I love you more than you could ever imagine.


Thursday, May 12, 2005

Finally some knitting

I haven't had much knitting content on my blog lately. And there's a very good reason for that. I haven't been knitting. Hey, I've been busy. I had a house to pack, boxes to move, a house to unpack and rearrange, and kids to settle in. I think it's finally starting to calm down and I can start knitting again. Before we moved I whipped this out for my Sister's upcoming baby.

Image hosted by

It's a bumble bee sweater. I just need to finish seaming it and buy some buttons. Maybe that's why I haven't worked on my knitting. All I have to do is seaming work, and I really hate seaming work. I'm thinking of doing my Mariposa sweater in one piece. There's thread about it on the knit-a-long blog already. I still need to buy yarn for that. But I won't until I finish all this seaming. I've got knitting group today. Hopefully I'll be able to get a lot done there. If so, maybe I'll go yarn shopping on the way home.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

My Daughter

Sometimes it's nice to see something so breathtakingly beautiful and know you had a hand in creating it.

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Mothers Day

I had a nice Mother's Day. I got this

Image hosted by

It's a Mother's Necklace. I've wanted one since Pork Chop was born. You put a little charm on it for each child. Guess The Greatest forgot about the baby. She is pretty quiet and usually non-demanding but that's no excuse for forgetting her.

Actually (and this is the truth) he waited until seven o'clock at night ON Mother's Day to run out and buy my present. The store was closed. So he ran out Monday and got me the charms. They were sold out of the necklace, spacers and the girl May charm. He's going back tomorrow to get the rest. I still love it and for the most part him, he is after all The Greatest. Thanks Baby, I love you. But don't think I'll forget around Father's Day next month that you waited until the very last possible second to remember that I am the wonderful Mother of your THREE children and deserve to be compensated for that on one day each year.

Monday, May 09, 2005

For Pete's sake it's only hair

We're all moved, sort of. As moved as we can be for now. We are temporarily staying in my parent's creaky house. It's not so bad, and Pork Chop likes it so much she has already informed me that when we move out she is staying, she's sure Grammie won't mind.

My best friend has also sold her house and the week after I moved, she too moved her family in with her in-laws. We commiserated that there is something very sad about being so old and moving your husband and children and pets in with Parents. To cheer ourselves up before she left we went and got our haircut together. I don't know what it is about a traumatic event that causes a woman to think "I need a new look." But I've always done it. My cousin died, off to the salon. I start college, not without a new look. I get engaged, I cut my very long hair shoulder length, two months later I get married married? Of course I took my already short hair and get a pixie cut. For the most part it seems that the only time I do get my hair cut is around traumatic events (not that getting engaged was traumatic per se, can't say the same about my marriage) and for the most part I am fortunate that there are actual years between events and I usually go from very long hair to very short hair. I'm still working on growing out my "I can't believe I'm having two children so close together" cut. But my best friend needed a new look and I needed a trim so off to the salon we went. We knelt before the alter of hairstyle books like sinners seeking salvation. We poured over the pages as if finding the right look was the key to making life bearable again, and the clue on how to change our life situations. We were asking a lot from our hair. Her hair delivered. When she was done she looked cute and younger and felt great. I should have known when I saw my hairstylist that it was not a good day for a change. Over the years I've realized that if I do not like a person's hair I should under no circumstances let them touch mine. I should have known better than to trust a hairstylist with frizzy hair and bad streaks. I showed her a picture and told her I really liked the bangs and the layers, but I wanted to keep my hair longer than shown in the picture, around my shoulders. She nodded and started cutting. When they're cutting the back you can't see what they're doing, so by the time I was able to see what she was up to it was too late. She was replicating the short look in the picture instead of modifying it for me. Of course at that point the only thing to do is let her finish and hope for the best. I cried over the loss of my hair. I feel like I've already lost so much and now my hair is gone too. The hair cut is cute, I do love the bangs, they're exactly what I asked for. I just wish the back was longer. It's cut in layers, each layer is about an inch and a half long. I didn't think it looked to bad, but no one has said much about it. My hair was past my shoulders before so it is a drastic noticible difference. I was raised that if you can't say anything nice you shouldn't say anything at all, so their silence says a lot. No pictures I'm still too sad.