Thursday, January 16, 2014


This morning I took a shower.  Which, as sad as it is to admit, is kind of a momentous event in and of itself.  The infrequency with which one gets to shower is one of the little mentioned side effects of having a newborn.  Everybody talks about the sleep deprivation, nobody mentions the lack of soap.  But that is not my point.  I took a shower, and as I stood there under the hot water, dial turned as far to "H" as it would go, I realized my feet were thawing out.  I didn't even realize my feet were frozen.  But as feeling returned to my toes I realized how miserable I had been.  Because my feet were cold.  And I was too tired to realize what was happening with my own body.

Good thing I'm a knitter who just happens to have an entire drawer full of hand knit socks.

True story.

So I dressed, and came downstairs in my comfy, warm hand knit socks.  I grabbed my camera and immediately began to take pictures of my feet in their comfy warm hand knit socks, since I am fairly certain I haven't blogged this pair, and I could use some knitterly blog fodder.  I remarked to The Greatest that something might be wrong with the fact that I was taking pictures of my feet and we were both acting like that was a normal and perfectly reasonable thing to do.  Doesn't everyone take random pictures of their feet?

He just shrugged, accustomed to my insanity.

It takes a special kind of man to be married to a knitter.

Behold the beauty of my comfy warm hand knitted goodness.

Pattern:  Kebnekaise Socks

Yarn:  Some sort of discontinued Knit Picks Yarn.  It reminds me of the Wicked Witch of the West for some reason.

Needles:  Size 1, or maybe a 2.  Who knows!  No idea what yarn I used.  No idea what needles.  I'm a bad bad knit blogger.

Modifications:  Not really a mod, but I obviously ran out of yarn for the right toe, so that one is finished with some black sock yarn from my stash.  Probably Knit Picks stroll.  But I wouldn't swear to it in a court of law.  Bad, bad knit blogger!

Review:  These socks were tons of fun to knit.  They only work with multi-colored yarn.  You pick a color and when the yarn is that color you purl instead of knit, creating raised ridges of color.

On one sock I purled the purple, on the other I purled the green, creating fraternal twin socks.  I know I'm not supposed to play favorites but I like the purled purple sock best.

In a fun twist the soles of the socks were knit in reverse stockinette stitch, so the smooth side is against your feet, and the ridges are on the outside.

Otherwise known as a "Princess Sole."  I'm not entirely convinced that the comfort of a princess sole are greater than the PITA factor of purling the entire sole, but I'll try anything once.

There you have it.  My comfy warm hand knitted goodness!

In Squishy news, my dainty princess hasn't pooped in three days.  When she finally does it will be epic!  I tried to trick her into pooping last night by putting her in white jammies.   Babies love ruining white clothes.  The jammies in question were hand me down, off white, slightly formula stained around the collar jammies.  Squishy was not fooled.  She knew they were decoy jammies.  I would not have cried if her epic poop squished down the sides of her legs and up the back of her diaper, ruining these jammies.  Squishy was not inspired to poop.  She is holding out for the new pristine bright white jammies with the purple kittens.  I would cry if her bowels ruined these jammies.  She will not poop until her poop will make me cry.

Good thing she's the World's Cutest Baby.

She might be evil.

But at least she's cute.


Cathy said...

I "almost" forgot how tiring having a newborn could be, but as we are staying with friends who have 5 and 3 year-olds I was definitely reminded how tiring the younger years are! Your socks look great, I love the twin effect.

Tam said...

Love the wicked witch socks. Great minds etc. The first thing I thought when I saw them was "Halloween". I like the idea of purling one color. I must remember that. (I say knowing I will promptly forget.) I concur that the supposed increase in comfort does not offset the PITA of purling the sole. I remember the poop-up-their-back days. Also the sleep and shower deprivation. Bad as it is,I would gladly do it again if I was younger.

Gracey is not my name.... said...

I love the the color....