Thursday, January 23, 2014

It Wasn't Bills In The Mail

Guess what came today!

For some reason Fed Ex drove past my house to take my needles to the post office.  My needles were then delivered to me by my local post office.   That seems like an unnecessary step, but whatevs.  I gots my new needles, and they are pretty!  I can not wait to use them to knit something.  Anything.  I just wants to use my new needles.  Pork Chop lives for all things green.  She's already been eyeing my needles.  I might have to store them under lock and key, possibly with a alarm, and some of those red laser motion detector thingies.

Word to the wise, you do not mess with my needles.  Not even if you are my progeny.

I spent my evening last night winding my yarn for my Knit Picks project.

It is a big project.  I have knit my gauge swatches (yes, there is more than one).  Later tonight I will pin them out to see if I get gauge.  If so I'll have to use my size 7s.  In not I'll get to use my new needles.  This might be the very first time that getting gauge would be a bad thing.  Every body cross your fingers.

And lest you think I only care for my knitting tools

I also took some pictures of the baby.

She's been extra cute and smiley today.  But when the camera comes out it is all serious business.  She does not appreciate my photographic shenanigans.

She will learn.

It is futile to fight The Mommy.

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Tam said...

I must have some of those needles! I have been slobbering joy and praise all over knitpicks' needles ever since they came out. I even got a comment of mine printed in one of their catalogs. Yes, I gushed that much about it. I have used a lot of different brands of needles and theirs are half the price and twice as good. As far as Squishy goes, she is entirely Too Cute and she is growing so fast! She is already losing her "I was born yesterday" look. :-( That happens too stinking fast IMO.