Wednesday, January 08, 2014


So I bought myself a little something for Christmas.

Can you read it?

Do I need to get closer?

Why yes, those are ebony wood sock needles.

And not just any ebony wood needles.

They are "Fancy Ebony Wood" needles.


And yes.  I bought them for Christmas, and they are still sitting in their package.

I pump.  I try to sleep.  I play with the baby.  I sterilize breast pump parts.  I go to doctor appointments.  I make dinner.  I check homework.  I try to make sure small children have their hair brushed every morning, and have matching-ish clothes on when they go to school so the teachers will know someone loves them.  What I do not do is knit.

I did manage to finish a little something for Knit Picks.

I really should follow up and show you the things I knit when they hit the catalog.  I'm just not organized enough for that.  But back to knitting, that is about it.  The paid work is all I've gotten done.

I walk by my needles sitting so patiently on my counter.

I gaze longingly at my needles.

But I do not knit with my fancy needles.

Not yet.

Now that the deadline work is knocked out I must finish Sweet Pea's Weasley Sweater before I can knit socks.  And since I'm averaging two rows a week on that, it is going to be a long painful wait before I can knit fancy socks on my fancy needles.

But for now thinking about knitting, while not as satisfying as actual knitting, will have to suffice.

It is nine o'clock, the baby is asleep, and instead of knitting, I'm going to bed.

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katie metzroth said...

Well, in theory, you blogged instead of knitting, so I for one thank you! It's fun to keep up with ya'll. :)
I'd love to know what you knit for their catalogs so I can admire your work. :)