Wednesday, January 15, 2014

So Weak


I might have accidentally on purpose clicked the "check out" button instead of the "x."

I regret NOTHING!

Alright, I do regret the fact that I took a bunch of needles out of my shopping cart and as a result I did not get free shipping.

Being fiscally responsible is over rated.

Since I am cheap fiscally responsible I choose standard shipping instead of two day shipping.  As a result my new needles should be here in approximately three months.  Knit Picks.  Excellent customer service.  World's slowest shipping.  I'm an impatient child.  I WANT MY NEW NEEDLES NOW.  I need them so my new beautiful Caspian needles can join my new and still unopened Fancy Ebony Wood needles on the counter, where they will sit and dream of being used to knit.

One thing I've learned is you have to keep your goals realistic.

Beautiful needle collection on the kitchen counter.

I can do that.


Nancy McCarroll said...

Just knew you would click on that shopping cart. Ha.

Agreed that Knit Picks has THE slowest shipping of any retailer.

Tam said...

Good for you! I have found that when knitting time is at a minimum it helps to stash and tool enhance and leave the goodies out in my sightline. After baby #4 I took a fruit bowl and filled it with balls of sock yarn and put it in the middle of the table. Yes, everyone thought I was psycho but just having beautiful knitterly stuff around me is the second best thing to being able to knit!