Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Blatant Baby Cuteness

Pinterest is going to be my down fall.

I found this really cute photo collage on pinterest.  It was a baby in a rocking chair.  They took one picture each month documenting the baby's growth over the first year.  It was adorable.  And I happen to own a pretty photogenic rocking chair.  And an even more photogenic baby.  And to top it all off, I own a camera.  I can totally recreate this right?  How could this go wrong?

Pinterst projects always go as expected right?

I hit my first snag before I even started.  My baby is seven weeks old.

I've already missed the 1 month picture.

My first thought was to jump in my time machine to go back a few weeks to January 1st to snap the perfect photo.  Then I remembered I don't own a time machine.  Stupid science, always letting me down.  Then we spent some time calling for The Doctor.  He owns a time machine, he could help me out.  But he never showed.  I don't know if he didn't show because he was too busy saving the universe or if he didn't show because he is a fictional character.  Either way, I was very disappointed in him.  He has a time machine, he can save the universe AND help me get my photo op.  Finally I thought maybe I could just swaddle her and try to pass the picture off as one month old.  Because technically she isn't two months old yet.

I'm thinking that big chunky baby isn't going to pass as a teeny sleepy one month old.

Suck Monkey.

I'm not ready to give up on this idea yet.  I'll take her two month old picture and see if there's enough difference to make it work.

And since I'm showing off baby pictures...

I put her in her Korrigan Sweater to go to knitting group last night.

She is still a reluctant model.  Waving her arm, kicking her feet.

She does not care that ALL my shots were blurry.

I did manage to capture this cute one of her sleeve cuff  I mean hand.  I'm taking cute pictures of my baby, not the sweater.  The baby is the important thing, not the sweater.  (If I say it enough...)

Being the World's Cutest Baby sure wears a girl out.

We should both go take a nap.

In knitting news, the yarn for my Knit Picks project has arrived.  My pretty pretty new Knit Picks knitting needles have not.  In further bad news.  I ordered a size 6 knitting needle, and a size 8.  I use those two sizes a lot.  My Knit Picks project uses a size 7.  Maybe I'll get lucky and my gauge will be off and I'll have to go up or down a needle size.

A girl can hope right?


Candyce said...

She is so precious...I look forward to watching her grow! And your knitting is lovely too.

katie metzroth said...

That is a rather fetching sweater err baby. :)

Gracey is not my name.... said...

Too cute...and the sweater is nice too