Thursday, July 07, 2011

Unexpected Conversations

So I took the children to Wal-Mart yesterday and as I was putting Sweet Pea in that handy seat on the front of the grocery cart she looked at me and solemnly said "I nev-ah met your mudder."

I have a habit of repeating everything back to her, just so she knows I'm listening and I understand what she is saying. Oh and also because sometimes I can't understand what she is saying, so I have to guess at what I think she might be saying. If I get it wrong she repeats herself, growing increasing frustrated with me, until I finally get it right.

Surprised I said "you never met my Mother?"

Gravely she nodded. "I nev-ah met your mudder." she repeated.

Feeling the knife twist in my heart I agreed "No baby, you never met my Mother."

And with all the seriousness a three year old can muster she continued, "I nev-ah met your mudder. But I would love her."

Sometimes life catches me by surprise and takes my breath away.

She then asked if we could buy bananas because "we don haf bananas."

Wednesday, July 06, 2011


One might think that when you have dogs who are house broken and you let your house broken dogs in the back yard instead of the side yard (because the side yard is flooded from the monsoons and you don't want mud all over the house) that the house broken dogs would take that opportunity to do their business in the back yard.

One would be wrong.

The house broken dogs would instead come inside, jump the baby gate on the steps, and do their bathroom business in the upstairs hallway.

And in one of the children's bedrooms.

And I'm out of carpet cleaner solutions.


Some days are just crappy. (See what I did there? Crappy? Yeah I know, it was low brow, but hey, I'm sleep deprived today and my house smells bad now, and its going to give me a migraine. Double Awesome! I apologize for NOTHING!)

I'm off for adventures at Wal-Mart with four kids in tow.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Big Things Happening Here

Yesterday was a quiet day. So quiet we didn't even see any fireworks. I know. Very very quiet. We laid around. We played plants vs zombies. We went swimming. I took a nap. So very very boring. You wouldn't even have known it was a holiday.

We did have one very big thing happen.

Tooth Fairy!

Bird, at the ripe old age of 7, FINALLY, lost her first tooth.

Her tiny soul is filled with joy.

Usually when my child gets a loose tooth I knit them a tooth fairy bag, but this one, like everything else this year, snuck up on me. One day her tooth was loose, then the next thing I knew, the tooth was not in her mouth where it belonged, it was sitting on the computer desk beside me. In typical big sister fashion Pork Chop offered to loan Bird her tooth fairy bag, but Bird needed a bag of her very own. And a bag of her very own she got.

Tooth Fairy!

I knit it on size 2 needles with left over discontinued Knitpicks sock garden sock yarn (did you follow that? I barely did and I wrote it. That doesn't bode will for my writing skills today does it).

The tooth fairy is a notoriously unreliable fairy, she can take up to six weeks to collect a tooth. But she's pretty good about showing up on time for that very first tooth. She also pays well for the very first tooth. Bird can hardly wait to spend her five dollars.

Big things for a seven year old.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Friday Lovin'

It is that day of the week again. I tell you, summer is flying by. FLYING. So let's not waste any time. Let's get down to it.

This week I'm loving...

Happy Independence Day!

Fourth of July Decorations. Even paper balls make my house look fancy.

I'm loving...

How our dog loves to sit on your lap, with his butt actually on your lap, like he is another child. He's so gentle with the kids. He puts up with so much "love" from Sweet Pea. And all he asks for in return is that he be allowed to share his butt with you. If you're not sitting down he'll just lean his butt on your legs. He loves his butt and feels it must be shared with the world.

and I'm loving...

Happy Independence Day!

Bird's artwork. The preying mantis in the lower right hand corner is especially cute.

What are you loving this week?