Thursday, July 07, 2011

Unexpected Conversations

So I took the children to Wal-Mart yesterday and as I was putting Sweet Pea in that handy seat on the front of the grocery cart she looked at me and solemnly said "I nev-ah met your mudder."

I have a habit of repeating everything back to her, just so she knows I'm listening and I understand what she is saying. Oh and also because sometimes I can't understand what she is saying, so I have to guess at what I think she might be saying. If I get it wrong she repeats herself, growing increasing frustrated with me, until I finally get it right.

Surprised I said "you never met my Mother?"

Gravely she nodded. "I nev-ah met your mudder." she repeated.

Feeling the knife twist in my heart I agreed "No baby, you never met my Mother."

And with all the seriousness a three year old can muster she continued, "I nev-ah met your mudder. But I would love her."

Sometimes life catches me by surprise and takes my breath away.

She then asked if we could buy bananas because "we don haf bananas."


Corrina said...

It's odd that we forget how long we "know" people online. That I remember all of it, your mom, and the birth of sweetpea. But mostly I wish I wasn't halfway across the country, because I would have hugged you - right there in the Wal-Mart.

Tam said...

I'll second that hug. You know how sometimes you hear something so heart wrenching that you just (very embarrassingly) bust out in an uncontrollable sob? Ok. Just had one of those moments. I know why yer call her "Sweet Pea". :-)

Olivia said...

what a sweet girl.

Pearlin J said...

oh I would have cried rt there. So adorable!