Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Big Things Happening Here

Yesterday was a quiet day. So quiet we didn't even see any fireworks. I know. Very very quiet. We laid around. We played plants vs zombies. We went swimming. I took a nap. So very very boring. You wouldn't even have known it was a holiday.

We did have one very big thing happen.

Tooth Fairy!

Bird, at the ripe old age of 7, FINALLY, lost her first tooth.

Her tiny soul is filled with joy.

Usually when my child gets a loose tooth I knit them a tooth fairy bag, but this one, like everything else this year, snuck up on me. One day her tooth was loose, then the next thing I knew, the tooth was not in her mouth where it belonged, it was sitting on the computer desk beside me. In typical big sister fashion Pork Chop offered to loan Bird her tooth fairy bag, but Bird needed a bag of her very own. And a bag of her very own she got.

Tooth Fairy!

I knit it on size 2 needles with left over discontinued Knitpicks sock garden sock yarn (did you follow that? I barely did and I wrote it. That doesn't bode will for my writing skills today does it).

The tooth fairy is a notoriously unreliable fairy, she can take up to six weeks to collect a tooth. But she's pretty good about showing up on time for that very first tooth. She also pays well for the very first tooth. Bird can hardly wait to spend her five dollars.

Big things for a seven year old.

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Ellen said...

You know that in traditional Waldorf education, children don't start reading until they loose their first teeth.

So - let 'er rip!