Saturday, February 08, 2014

Rescued From The Abyss

Does anyone remember when I became obsess with stripes last year?  It was a short lived obsession.  I was haunted by a scarf made by Cozy Things.  I lived for this scarf.  I dreamed of this scarf.  There was nothing I wanted more than a stripey scarf of my very own. Simple stripes knit with left over sock yarn.  I've been knitting socks since 2005.  That is a lot of left over sock yarn.  I certainly had the yarn to knit a scarf of my very own.  The only thing holding me back was a lack of white sock yarn to truly re-create the original scarf.  Sure I could have striped without the white yarn, but I loved the look so much, any deviation from the original would not be tolerated.

Thank goodness for Big Lots.

Three dollars later and I had enough pale cream yarn to knit stripes of my very own.

Of course once knit this scarf was immediately abandoned.  The original scarf was knit flat, and even though I knew I should just knit it in the round, I ignored my inner knitter and knit the scarf flat too.  I wove my ends in as I knit, but once the knitting was completed the scarf still needed on big long seam along the side.  With the knitting portion completed my obsession with owning this scarf was suddenly over.  It no longer held any interest for me.  I did the only thing I could do.

I banished the scarf to in The Abyss to languish and die.

Ain't nobody got time to sew a six foot seam.

I had new knitting to do.

The very first piece I rescued from the abandoned pile of knits in The Abyss was my beautiful stripey scarf.

So worth the wait.  It is like a wearable scrap book.  I can see the yarn from my zombie socks, and The Greatest's Michigan socks, and the sock yarn I dyed for the Ravellenics, and the sock yarn from my very first pair of socks.  The list goes on and on.  I can name where each yarn came from.  True Story.  Bird went through the scarf with me, stripe by stripe.

I love this scarf so much.  Waiting for white yarn was the right choice.  It keeps the crazy colors from becoming too busy.

My sweet Bird was home from school when I took these pictures.  My poor baby  Bird has strep throat.  She watched what I was doing with interest.

She wistfully fingered my scarf and said "Mom, I really like this scarf."

"You do?"  I asked, absentmindedly as I was planning my next photo.

"I do" she said firmly, then with just the right touch of hope in her voice she asked "Can it be mine?"

I swear, I lose more knitted items that way.

And day 8...


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Candyce said...

She looks super with it! Hope she feels better soon!