Sunday, February 02, 2014

Day 2

The kids like rankings.  Knowing where they land on an arbitrary list gives them a feeling of their place in the world.  They want to know who got the highest grade on a test, who read the most books, who drew the better picture, who is the best at anything and everything.

They often ask me who my favorite is, curious about their place in my heart.  Searching for their ranking within the family.

I always give them the same answer.


He really is my favorite.

It is an admittedly crummy picture.  I told him I was taking pictures of the baby (see the world's cutest little ear in the lower corner?  even her tiny parts are adorable).  It was the only way I could get his picture.

Infuriatingly stubborn man!

Even with a crummy picture, he's still pretty handsome isn't he.

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Candyce said...

A really nice way to handle this! I firmly believe that children feel such security when they know there parents truly love each other. It is a beautiful thing!