Thursday, January 20, 2005

Protesting the Protests

Today blogs are not blogging in protest of the so called "War President." I'm gonna upset people, but I've gotta blog in support of the President. The things I have read are so insanely stupid. I've read people who are upset because their brothers are fighting in the war. People who have children who enlisted under President Clinton and never thought they would have to fight are upset because their sons and daughters are now fighting in the war. I just have to interject into this anger that they enlisted in the ARMED FORCES. If they didn't want to fight and just wanted the money for college they should have enlisted in the Coast Guard. The military serves one purpose, to protect our country, and war is always a possiblity. That is why the military is always ready to go at a moments notice. That is why they practice guerilla tactics and bombing things. It is the MILITARY. My Husband was in the military under President Clinton. He was a Supply Petty Officer in an Emergency Room. He can tell you first hand how President Clinton systematically reduced the military budget to nearly nothing. Everyone is crying about the inadequate armorment of the military vehicles. These vehicles were purchased during the Clinton administration. Don't think we marched into this war with humvees straight off the factory line. They bought the humvees that were needed but due to budget cuts the armor wasn't purches with them in the nineties. Now we are paying the price with the lives of the American soldiers. I don't want Americans to die. We have very close friends who are serving their second and third tours in Iraq. We can't find the best man from our wedding, and I'm worried. But that doesn't mean that we still shouldn't be doing this. Think about how many lives were lost on D-Day alone. Should we have stayed out of that "conflict" as well. Sometimes the choice is to do the right thing, or do nothing. President Clinton chose to do nothing, and look what happened. Our embassies were bombed, our ships were bombed. There was no retaliation. The emboldened terrorists attacked us in our own country. President Bush decided to do the right thing. I support him and his decisions.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Atleast he can aim

My son just turned two. I'm in no hurry to potty train him. I want to buy a steam cleaner first. But every week or so he decides to "Pee Potty." This entails him standing by the potty for five minutes, letting out three drops of pee, eating a celebratory chocolate chip, promptly followed by peeing a small lake on my floor (hence the need for a steam cleaner). Last night I heard the dreaded words "Pee Potty." And he followed the SOP: stand, trickle, chip. Then he went a good twenty minutes without peeing on the floor. I thought maybe we could skip this step tonight. Then I heard it, the steady stream hitting the floor, but it had a metallic ping to it. I look up and he had places one of his matchbox cars on the floor about a foot from where he stood and he was peeing on it. His aim was deadly with it's accuracy. I had been throwing cheerios into the toilet to give him something to aim at. Should I switch to matchbox cars? How would I explain that to the plumber who would invariably have to come an unclog my matchbox car clogged plumbing? And what did that match box car do to my son to deserve such treatment?

Friday, January 14, 2005

Man this is hard

I now know why all the people with blogs seem so smart. It is because you have to be a freakin genius to figure out HTML. I just wanted to add some cool links, maybe a button or two on the side and it's near impossible. I need to learn to speak geek.
In unrealated news here are my neglected kids, notice they are all still in their jammies.

And here is what I've been making while I'm neglecting them:

It started as


And I offer my apologies to Marnie Maclean. Her designs are beautiful and flawless, but I always have to "mom-i-fy" my things to make them more kid friendly. Pink fur trim would be georgeous but quickly filled with graham cracker crumbs and drool for aforementioned jammied baby. But the tie in the front of the sweater is very handy for breastfeeding.

(And for the record it took me an hour and a half to make this post. Isn't that sad.)
(Then another two hours to resize the pictures so they fit on the screen. So pathetic)

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Welcome to my world

Just testing the blog.
Why blog you ask. Well, I figure since no one in my real life listens to me maybe if I open my thoughts up to the universe maybe then someone will hear me.
I'm kidding, sort of.
I've been reading blogs and it appears to me that all the people with blogs are smart, interesting, funny, well read, timely and topical. Maybe if I have a blog I can be all those things too. Although looking over my post it appears to me that maybe having a blog doesn't infuse you with magic properties after all. Maybe I'll just still be me, only I'll be me with a blog, and that's alright too... (although I would have like to have been well read without actually having to read.)