Friday, January 14, 2005

Man this is hard

I now know why all the people with blogs seem so smart. It is because you have to be a freakin genius to figure out HTML. I just wanted to add some cool links, maybe a button or two on the side and it's near impossible. I need to learn to speak geek.
In unrealated news here are my neglected kids, notice they are all still in their jammies.

And here is what I've been making while I'm neglecting them:

It started as


And I offer my apologies to Marnie Maclean. Her designs are beautiful and flawless, but I always have to "mom-i-fy" my things to make them more kid friendly. Pink fur trim would be georgeous but quickly filled with graham cracker crumbs and drool for aforementioned jammied baby. But the tie in the front of the sweater is very handy for breastfeeding.

(And for the record it took me an hour and a half to make this post. Isn't that sad.)
(Then another two hours to resize the pictures so they fit on the screen. So pathetic)

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