Sunday, February 09, 2014

Butterflies Fly

So in 2012 (I originally typed last year, but I guess 2012 is no longer last year is it?  Anyways...) I casually mentioned on facebook that I needed to own a specific knitting book.  NEEDED IT!  A week or so later I found the coveted book on my doorstep.

I am loved by somebody special.

I think I wanted this book solely for the hat on the cover.  I love 1920's flapper style.  Love it!  Love the feathered headbands, love the long pearls, love the drop waist dresses.  If only I were a character in The Great Gatsby.  Then, of course, I try on sometime that is 1920's inspired and I remember that I can't pull of 1920's flapper style (remember my big bones).  Plus I get migraines when I wear hats.

Suck Monkey.

But all is not lost.

This book has beautiful shawls in it.  I plan on knitting every single one.  I started with the Meme Shawl. 

And in typical fashion, once the knitting was completed I forgot the shawl ever existed.

The finishing work required on this shawl?  The amount of work I considered to be too taxing to be worth my time?  The time consuming labor that was keeping me from the more beloved act of knitting?

I had to weave in one end.

That's it.

Just one end.

My laziness truly knows no bounds.

Sometimes I impress myself.

But I have persevered in the face of adversity!

I have conquered!

I have spent three minutes weaving in that random yarn end!

And now I have a finished shawl!

I do love how it turned out.  I modified the pattern by adding beads to the butterflies (those holes are supposed to be butterflies).

I'm not convinced the effect is dramatic enough to have been worth the effort.  But I like it anyways.  I also ran out of yarn, so I didn't knit as many rows as the pattern originally intended.  It is a little more of a scarf than a shawl.  I like it anyways.

I couldn't remember what I made the shawl from.  I was feeling it and telling my friend it felt like the yarn had silk in it.  Or maybe alpaca.  Then I found the label lurking in a drawer.

Am I good or what?!!!

Sometimes I impress myself.

I've discovered Squishy likes being wrapped in silk and baby alpaca.

She REALLY likes being wrapped in hand knit beaded silk and baby alpaca.

Of course she does.  I have a feeling she is thinking "Can this shawl be mine?"  No pretty girl, no, there are limits to how many knit items I will allow to be confiscated by my children in one week.  My generosity ends with the words "Baby Alpaca."  Sorry kid.

But I do love her tiny little fingers poking through the butterflies in the shawl.

This shawl is magic.  It look absolutely FANTASTIC with my pajamas.

Imagine how good it would look with real clothes!  On a person who showers.  And wears make up.  And does their hair!

Someday pretty shawl...someday.

And for day 9


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