Monday, February 10, 2014

No Time To Post

I am still slowly chipping away at my big stack of unfinished knits.

I'm as amazed as you are.


I should have stuffed the shameful bag in the back of The Abyss and cast on for something new by now.

I'm not sure where this determination to finish things has come from.  But I'm going to ride it out until it passes.

This morning...

I blocked a shawl.

And I fell in love with lace all over again.  This thing was a fuzzy holey mess pre-blocking.  And it was even worse once I got it wet.  At first I couldn't make heads or tails out of it.  I vaguely remember knitting it, and I have absolutely no recollection as to what the pattern was supposed to look like.  I finally identified the top edge and pinned it out from there.  It was magic.  Blocking is a special sort of wizardry.  Transformed from a lump of wet fiber, delicate shapes appeared before my eyes.  I love this shawl.  And I want to knit more lace.  Tons more lace.  If I weren't so busy with other things I would be knitting a new lace shawl RIGHT.NOW!  Perhaps something from Boo Knits.  I hate being the kind of grown up who honors grown up obligations.

It is over rated.

And for day 10...I am...

 enjoying a quiet and all too fleeting moment.

As soon as I took this picture Squishy woke up and demanded to be fed, and played with, and kissed, and loved.

It is a hard life I tell ya.

Two hours later and she is now back in her swing, and I've got some secret knitting to get done while the getting is good.

Never enough hours in a day.


katie metzroth said...

You are finishing projects right AND left! Way to go! Your baby girl does look pretty in silk and baby alpaca. :)
Love the striped scarf.

I just put my Christmas tree away yesterday. I like that we made it all the way to February. Go big or go home. :)

Tam said...

I was just looking back through the Squishy pictures to see how much she's grown. Yes, I'm a creeper. I've been enjoying your blog since before Sweet Pea was born. I re-read your "elephant" post and one phrase stuck out to me that I hadn't noticed before. Someone you know said,"You are such an amazing person for having a child like this." (or something to that effect) and I thought, "She had a choice?" Then I realized that PEOPLE KILL THEM. And then I cried really hard. To think the world might have been robbed of that perfect face if she had been in someone else's womb. I may be a little hormonal today and waxing philosophical, but I am going to rejoice today. Squishy is here when she might not have been. Yes, you are amazing.