Thursday, January 30, 2014

Good Stuff

While I was waiting for my gauge swatches to dry on my Knit Picks project I managed to find a way to use my pretty pretty new Caspian needles.


Don't you love it?

Sweet Pea loves it too.

I lack the brain power for a proper write up, so I'll just give you a photo montage instead.

I'm loving all the textures of this sweater.  I love the touches of reverse stockinette, the double garter stitch edging, the ginormous hood, the pockets, the perfect buttons (for once).  This was a great knit.  The only down side to this project is I didn't get gauge, so I had to re-work the pattern to fit my gauge.

That meant math.

Lots of math.

Totally worth it.

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Candyce said...

I LOVE it!