Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Lovin'

This week I'm loving

Baby Cuteness.

I swear I could spend all day just holding her and marveling at her sweetness.  Why do I have to do grown up things like pay bills, and check homework, and make dinner  I just wanna snuggle the baby!

I'm also loving

My new baby wrap!  I'm using this tutorial to make the body of the wrap, but I'm going to use this tutorial to make the sash.  I still need to finish the edges of the wrap, but I wanted to try it on to check the fit first.  In the time it took to walk from the kitchen (which you can see in the background) to the bathroom to take this picture, Squishy fell asleep.  I wore her in the wrap this afternoon while shopping, and again, instant sleep!  I think she loves it too.

And finally I'm loving

the yarn I bought at Good Will this afternoon.

Sure the yarn is currently in crummy store bought sweater form.  But someday I will unravel it and turn it into hand-knitted amazingness.  I'm thinking the olive green one would be good for this year's Weasley Sweater for Pork Chop.  She lives for the giraffes, Doctor Who, and the color green.  And I'm thinking that either the grey one or the pale blue one (the one that looks kinda lavender in this picture but is actually pale blue in real life) NEEDS to be an Interlochen.  The rest will be stash yarn.  Beautiful beautiful stash yarn!

What are you loving this week?


Nancy McCarroll said...

You have lots of things to love this week. What a little beauty. Smart wrap for her, and you!

AngelKnitter said...

I still love my wrap.
I need to have you teach me the recycled yarn thing. I went and got some sweaters, and they just tore apart into a million little pieces of yarn.