Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Mothers Day

I had a nice Mother's Day. I got this

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It's a Mother's Necklace. I've wanted one since Pork Chop was born. You put a little charm on it for each child. Guess The Greatest forgot about the baby. She is pretty quiet and usually non-demanding but that's no excuse for forgetting her.

Actually (and this is the truth) he waited until seven o'clock at night ON Mother's Day to run out and buy my present. The store was closed. So he ran out Monday and got me the charms. They were sold out of the necklace, spacers and the girl May charm. He's going back tomorrow to get the rest. I still love it and for the most part him, he is after all The Greatest. Thanks Baby, I love you. But don't think I'll forget around Father's Day next month that you waited until the very last possible second to remember that I am the wonderful Mother of your THREE children and deserve to be compensated for that on one day each year.

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