Friday, November 11, 2005

Feeling "Hope"less

I've been knitting on Hopeful again. For all my talk about only knitting on things I want to knit I found myself knitting on Hopeful yesterday, and only Hopeful. And resenting it the entire time. I wanted to finish the bodice before I forgot what I was doing. So here it is. My finished bodice.

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I seriously hope the collar takes up more room than I think it's going to. The neckline is still down to the bottom of my bra. If the collar doesn't offer some serious coverage I guess I'll have to wear this sweater with a black tank top under it paired with a black pencil skirt.

There is really no end to my displeasure with this pattern. I understand that it was originally created for a woman who has a petite frame and short torso. I am not a long torso-ed freak. I am five foot six, with a very average build. I'm on the slender side, but not abnormally thin, just average. It frustrates me that I have to do this much fiddling. And this pattern does not lend itself to fiddling. Plus I've been on the knitalong, and everyone there is having trouble with the collar. Thank goodness for Marnie Maclean and her well written modifications. Otherwise I'd stop knitting right now and eBay the yarn. I'm that frustrated with it.

Of course there's always the possibility that I can't knit, and I should mess with patterns. I should just knit them as written.

Or Boyd's around here somewhere. (For those of you who are new here, Boyd is my archenemy. He is a mean-spirited, twisted, ugly circular needle who often does bad things to my knitting. And he controls the weather.)


Miriam said...

My skin is NOT flawless, the flaws are just not on my neck ;) There's a reason I didn't take a pic of my face.

Tam said...

I think that since "Hopeful" is giving you this amount of butt pain, you should reward yourself with a BALL WINDER. I wouldn't trade mine for anything including chocolate. My husband who DOES NOT KNIT even says, "A ball winder is a no-brainer. You HAVE to have one." I love that man.

And about "hopeful"...ahem. I'm 5'8", very long torso, borderline plus-sized. I took one look and said, "No way, Jose." Good luck!

knittinmom said...

I'm feeling like Hopeful isn't going to happen for me, after reading all of the troubles everyone is having! I'd rather spend my time knitting something less frustrating...

And the ball winder and swift are the BEST THINGS EVER. They're expensive, but worth every penny. They will save you so much time and frustration! I'm sure they've saved more than one marriage...

Amy said...

It must be Boyd.
And I third or fourth the ball winder thing, although I have yet to purchase a swift. It's on my list though, as I just wound two rather snarky balls of Bearfoot that didn't want to wind neatly nor stay wound once on the winder.
I downloaded "Hopeful" but have yet to desire to knit skinny sweaters for myself.

Anonymous said...

is hopeful the red top?

a ball winder sounds painful...where can I get one. ;)

boyd was my gay tennis coach who made passes at all the other guys except me.

i am pear(?)-shaped. i would never wear anything like!

you are very talented. obessess less and enjoy more. beyond that start creating your own patterns.