Thursday, November 03, 2005

I'm in love

I am in love. I am jumping on the couch, waving my arms around like a crazy person, people are questioning my sanity, in love...again. (that Tom Cruise comparison is never going away.) And the object of my affection? *dreamy sigh*Knitpicks*blush*

I know, I know. Some people hate knitpicks. They take forever to send the yarn. They wonder if they send it via the sheered sheep. But I live close to the distribution center, so I get my yarn in mere days after ordering it.

I also love that they are cheap with no acrylic. When I first started knitting I knit only with acrylic. It was all I had access to and could afford. I love that I am able to branch out into Merino wool, and cotton, and alpaca/silk blends. Maybe someday I'll be able to afford cashmere, but for now this makes me just as happy as my red heart yarn did when I was first learning to knit. (And for the record I still use some acrylic, it depends on the maker, and the project, and the color, I'm not a complete yarn snob yet).

Other people scoff at their color palette equating it with a crayon box. I've actually given this theory some consideration and the crayon box theory does have merit. There's no denying it. They do have a crayola color palette. No subtle shading here. But I think that is one of the things I love about it. Crayola painted my childhood. I loved to color. I can't draw. Pork Chop creates more advanced drawings than I do. But by golly I can color a coloring book with the best of them. Nothing made me happier than a brand spankin new box of crayons with all those sharp wax points lined up neatly in the box. They screamed creative possibilities and neatly colored pictures (because you could only really stay in the lines with factory sharpened points). So Crayola colors=happiness. Yarn=happiness. So for me Crayola colored yarn = pure bliss. As the yarn flows through my fingers it gives me feelings reminiscent of my childhood. An innocent, peaceful, happy time. Where's the downside in that. Knitting is a considerable investment of time and money. Why not put that investment into something that makes you happy. For me, right now, crayola colors make me happy.

But the real reason I am jumping on the couch this morning? I ordered yarn a few months ago for my silk corset. I ordered enough balls to make my corset with 3/4 length sleeves. Last night I decided I like full sleeves better, but I only have enough yarn to make one and a half full length sleeves. I called them this morning and they are going to send me my final ball in the SAME DYE LOT so I can have my beautiful corset with full length sleeves. I *heart* them.

Of course while I was ordering my single ball I HAD to order other things to get the free shipping (using that argument again), so I got some more sock yarn (including black yarn for a pair for The Greatest, he can't whine when I bought him something right), and some lace yarn, and a BEAUTIFUL lace pattern designed by Miriam. I'm saving money in the long run right?


rincaro said...

I love them too. I ordered the required $30 and got stuff to make 2-3 pairs of socks, a cardigan (and the pattern), and a felted bag. Shoot just the yarn for my rogue cost more than that.

tArA nIcHoLe said...

TOTALLY saving money in the long run! He he... I have ordered from knitpicks twice and the first time took the full 14 days to ship but the second package was here in like 4 days! i was pretty happy, just like you!!! I love their affordability as well!!!

Miriam said...

YAY! I can't wait to see how it turns out!

desert knits said...

Wow. I'm sold. That's the best yarn seller review ever. My eyes even teared up a little...although Aunt Flo's here, so you know how that goes. But seriously, that was beautiful.
And it's totally acceptable - necessary, even! - to buy whatever it takes to get the free shipping. It's not like it's The Knitting Garden, where you have to spend $75.

Aprilynne said...

I <3 Knit Picks, too - It's thanks to them that I got to pet my first superfine alpacha/silk/merino blend in a scrumptous blueish purple stuff and my 1st sock yarn (8 skeins / 3 colors) all total under $60! I can't even spend that small amount at Hershner's!
Go Knit Picks GO

Love your Socktoberfest Socks, BTW

knittinmom said...

Knit picks rocks. Of course, I live way far away from their DC so it takes the full two weeks to get my stuff, but I love them anyway. I'm cheap at heart, and it's getting hard for me to shell out for any other kind of yarn because Knit Picks has great stuff and it's so darn cheap (esp. w/ the free shipping)!