Tuesday, November 01, 2005

That thing about horizontal stripes...totally true

My Socktober Socks are done! And only a day late.

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Pattern: Knitty's Straight Laced Socks

Yarn: Knit Pick Sock Garden in Star Gazer Lily

Needles: Two Addi Turbo size 0 Circular Needles

Modifications: My gauge in this yarn on size 0 needles was considerably different from the pattern so I ended up casting on 84 stitches. I fudged the heel and gusset, knitting 12 stitches in the middle of the heel and picking up a bunch of stitches for the gusset (sorry, I can't remember the actual number). On the toe bind off I bound off four stitches every round instead of every other round. I performed the three needle bind off when I had eight stitches left.

Review: I love love LOVE these socks. I've never made myself a pair of hand knit socks, and now I'm wondering why. They are so soft and comfortable. This pattern was easily adaptable and perfect for repetitious mindless knitting.

Turning the heel was my favorite part.

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It was like knitting magic. I may abandon toe-up socks forever. The heel gusset is so much easier to pull on than a short row heel.

My complaints. No matter how careful you are, no matter how you start the yarn at exactly the same pattern repetition, you can never get your striped socks to match up exactly. Mine were great until the heel turn, then they got off by half a round. I tried so hard, identical socks are just a myth. My other complaint? Horizontal stripes really do make you look wider. My feet looks so wide and round, like cartoon feet.

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But when you're this comfortable, who cares?


shizzknits said...

Nah, don't look like cartoon feet to me. I really like the stripes! I have this yarn and haven't made anything with it yet. Too much yarn in the sock stash LOL

kittensmittens said...

Don't know what you're talking about, your feet look cool in those socks.
I just finished my first sock. Turning the heal is fun indeed.

Also, your kids look adorable in their costumes.

candsmom said...

The stripes seem to match pretty darned close to me! Beautiful socks. And your heel is especially gorgeous. I have heel envy. Fantastic job- and you deserve a pair of fantastic socks as a reward for surviving Halloween. :-)

kimberly said...

Your socks look great-I love those stripes. They look really close to me.

Lolly said...

They are just on time--and they are beauties! Love the stripes. They look freat on you!

desert knits said...

They're great! I love that heel.

Acornbud said...

Ooh, all I can say is OOH! I love those socks. !

Lynda said...

Hi - just found your blog! I have to say... I love KnitPicks sock yarn, too. I'm currently working up the Sock Garden geranium... so pretty, and soft.

And your right about self striping yarn - no such thing as matching socks!