Saturday, February 05, 2011

Just because I own a camera...

So I'm trying to take pictures every day. But I never seem to have my camera ready when I really need it. Like the other day when Meaty was playing with his beetle and our dog came to see what he was doing. They were so cute, the two of them together. I was right there, camera beside me. But by the time I turned it on I *almost* got the shot. But not quite. The dog moved on.

Or last night. We watched Jurassic Park for the first time with our children. Remember when the T-Rex eats the guy sitting on the toilet. He just leans forward and bites hims, and kinda shakes hims around. Meaty and Bird were sitting at the kitchen table behind me eating pizza. I turned around to check on them, because it was an intense scene. And I wish I had possessed the foresight to have had my camera ready. The look on Bird's face was was priceless. Her eyes have never been wider and her hands clasped over her mouth. I think she was afraid to move lest the T-Rex should spy her through the tv. It would have been a great shot. And don't worry. I took her upstairs for some "Wonder Pets" distraction and she slept through the night just fine last night. She is no worse the wear today.

Or Sweet Pea gently pretending to give tea to my toy bunny. It was so sweet. She was framed by the light from my sliding glass door. She was dressed all in pink. I'd even managed to brush her hair that day. Would have been a perfect shot. But my camera wasn't even on the same floor we were on.

Gotta be better with the camera.

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