Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I blame the baby

I know she's cute. I mean, who, honestly, who can resist this sweet little face?

And those chubby rolls? She's irresistible!

And it's a good thing she's so cute and charming, because she is devious! DEVIOUS!!!

Sure it starts out innocently enough. It all began with one messy baby face from a nice bowl of oatmeal (actually that picture might be peaches, I used my really good oatmeal face the other day, but the idea remains the same: messy baby face).

I don't know if you're familiar with baby oatmeal, but it is a close cousin of cement. But a low grade gritty cement, one you don't bring home to meet your Mamma. This stuff dries almost instantly and requires a power washer to remove.

Now my baby is simply to sweet and dainty to use a power washer on. Just look at her, she's sturdy, but a power washer might break her. She needed something as sweet and dainty as she to scrub her kissable cheeks clean. Enter a hand knit washcloth.

Just a quick thing I whipped up one evening after Sweet Pea had gone to bed. Pink befitting the princess she is. And covered in hearts, cause I lurve my baby! It takes the oatmeal off with minimal scrubbing and even uses the gritty texture of the oatmeal to exfoliate her baby cheeks making them the most kissable baby cheeks on the block. It's a win-win situation.

Or one would think.

I told you the baby is devious. She is cunning. She uses that angelic innocent face to plot against me. I just know it.

That silly little washcloth became the source of many tear from another tiny princess.

My Sweet Bird. (yes I know I am greatly overusing the word sweet. Whatcha gonna do about it? I can't help it. My girls are the physical incarnation of the word sweet.)

Bird crawled into my lap a few night later and started to cry. She wanted a washcloth too. My heart was instantly a puddle of goo, guilty goo. Who knew knitting the baby something could cause such hurt feelings? I guess I've been officially welcomed into the world of baby jealous. The situation was easily remedied. Bird and I logged onto ravelry and she picked out a very special pattern for her own very special washcloth.

Flowers for my Bird.

And to head off any future hurt feelings

A train for my train-lovin' Meaty.

And a crown for the queen princess Pork Chop.

So all this knitting is the Baby's fault. I blame the baby.

But while one messy baby might have plotted to create drama within my happy family and cause me to knit four finished objects in one week, I think this plan backfired.

Now each child has their very own custom knit washcloth. And each time they use it they feel special and know Mommy loves them enough to take the time to make something just for them. And *poor* Mommy. She just *had* to spend an entire week knitting washcloths for her children. I'll tell you it was such a *chore* but I muddled through it somehow. I think this round goes to me.

So if you're keeping score the official tally is

Sweet Pea: 2,389
Mommy: 1

I feel good about this.


shiguy4076 said...

handmade knitted wash clothes are the best. You can't resist the cuteness either. What sweet children you have.

Bezzie said...

On the plus side--thank goodness it wasn't sweaters right?

Good lord, she's so cute. That's the perfect age, they can't walk so they're still chubby, but they can sit up and they're alert and babbling. Ahhh...the good old days!

emma said...

Hmmm... do you think if I knit washcloths for my four kids they will actually, you know, wash?! 'Cause right now it's a struggle. Actually I knwo what would happen - 1)they would fight over who got to use the sink first, and 2) my husband would pout because I didn't make him one! :)
P.S. As the mother of four super sute kids let me just say that your baby is officially the cutest baby I have ever seen!

Cele said...

Oh wow I had a similar situation here last week. I ended up crocheting some washcloths. They are enjoyable to make though. Yours are beuatiful. Love the one with the crown.

Knittypants said...

What a sweet little girl, and they each get their own washcloth, what a great mama!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweet Girl.....I Love...Love.. knitted wash clothes for dishwashing. Never thought of using it for the bath. Can't find out cause my old neighbor isn't "with us anymore"...darn it! Love your blog. I look for new "stuff" on it everyday!!!
Aunt Julie