Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Connected at last

These past ten days without Internet or phone have been torture! Pure Torture! I have so few vices left. I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't snort drugs. I don't even drink caffeinated soda anymore, it's caffeine-free diet coke with a shot of lime juice for me these days (although honestly, if I'm going to drink something with no calories, and no caffeine, I should just grow up and drink water). Really my Internet addiction is all I've got. And man, I needed a fix. I was ready to go to the public library just to use the Internet. But all my websites are saved in my favorites, so without my favorite bar I was afraid I'd end up wandering the Internet helplessly, sobbing over the keyboard because I couldn't find my friends. Rather than make a spectacle of myself, sobbing in the library, I did without. I'm so glad that blip in my life is over. The Greatest and I did discover two things about ourselves.

1. That we really don't have much to say to one another after ten years of marriage. We NEED TV to fill the silence and

2. We really need to buy some new movies. We couldn't find a DVD to watch after the kids went to bed that we hadn't already memorized.

But we survived to tell the tale! The moving day went fairly well. It didn't rain, and the tree was miraculously gone from our driveway Saturday morning. There was one rather large glitch. Due to circumstances beyond our control we ended up with no moving truck. We moved our entire house with a Ford Expedition. Which means it was slow going. We moved furniture over the course of an entire week. There are still a few odds and ends at the rental house, and a ton of dust bunnies. I thought I was a fairly decent housekeeper, yet I was still disgusted by what we found behind the TV stand. As soon as I clean the rental house and turn the keys back in this mess will officially be over. But I'm so unmotivated to clean. I've got a very large, very wet, distraction in the backyard.

We're getting settled in our house, mostly unpacked, finding places for all our things. Our computer is now tucked in a corner in the dining room. It overlooks the dining room, the family room, and the kitchen. I can simultaneously keep an eye on the children AND completely neglect them. I thought it was going to be perfect. I was so anxious to blog once our Internet was finally connected, but I hit a new obstacle. Sweet Pea is teething. She refuses to be set down or she sobs like her heart is broken and shall never be whole again. So no blogging until nap time. No problem. Since the computer is no longer in the baby's room I CAN blog during nap time. It was going to be perfect. Teething baby got sleepy. I took her upstairs for a rock-and-cuddle, and slipped her peacefully into her crib. I returned downstairs with my head full of blogging ideas, only to find this (and I've tried four times to rotate the picture, stupid photobucket, you know the drill, turn your head to the side).


This might be problematic. The girl is a computer genius. She's got mad skillz with a mouse. She hogged the computer all day long yesterday. I couldn't even entice her to let go of the mouse and go for a dip in the pool. She spent the entire day on Noggin. She is truly my child. I fear someday soon I shall find her hunched over the keyboard muttering and hissing at anyone foolish enough to make a grab for the mouse. Wonder if I can distract her from the keyboard by teaching her how to knit?

As I type she stands by my side informing me that my turn is over and it is now her turn. I have so much to share. It will have to wait until tomorrow.


lynda said...

Time to worry when she starts murmuring "my precious" in that creepy LOTR voice.

Welcome home, and back to us!

Tammy said...

On no! I was without internet for a few days a couple of weeks ago and I had no idea what to do with myself! Kinda scary really. I'm glad you survived (especially without caffeine to boot) and lived to tell the tale.

Stephanie said...

I am so glad to see you back on here! I also moved, and am slowly getting settled in too. I hate moving, and this time it was harder ALONE. Anyways, Im so happy for you guys, you finally got your dream home! CONGRATS! Poor Sweet Pea! She'll be chock full of teeth before you know it! I don't miss TEETHING! lol