Sunday, September 07, 2008

But the public, they want to see!

So today I was in the kitchen, and The Greatest comes through the room carrying our ladder.

"Hey Honey, whatcha doing with the ladder?"

"I'm going to OC spray those pidgeons." Stated with an undertone of "Isn't it obvious?"

Of course you are. Isn't that what everyone does with their Sunday afternoon?

I will admit our house does have a bit of a pidgeon problem. Don't get me wrong. Our new house it great. I love our new house. It is the greatest house in the world. But apparently I'm not the only one who knows how superiour our house is.

The pidgeons know too.

They have picked our house above all houses as the designated neighborhood hangout. There are always pidgeons on the roof. We have to skim feathers out of the pool each day. When it rains pidgeon poop slides off the roof onto the front yard. It is gross, and a health hazard. The Greatest has been shooting them with his airsoft pistol. It doesn't actually hurt the pidgeons. At first they would just fly off all butt-hurt, only to return within the hour. But now that they've been "shot" a time or two and know it only stings for a moment they don't even bother flying away. They just puff up their feathers and look at you. I think The Greatest must derive a bit of personal satisfaction from using them for target practice because he still goes out there in the evenings to shoot them, even though it doesn't do any practical good in our efforts to be rid of the pidgeon population. A few days ago he came up with the brilliant idea of OC spraying them and their nests. For those not in the know, OC spray is cop quality mace. It really burns, for days and days and days, if you get sprayed with it. Or so I've heard. I thought the idea had died in it's infancy but apparently not...

As I giggled at The Greatest and his ladder it occured to me that this might be fun to document. It the wind changes directions at the wrong moment this could go oh-so-wrong. I called up the stairs after him

"Can I take pictures for my blog"

In his most authoritative cop voice I heard "NO"

It would have been a fantastic blog post. *sigh* He always ruins MY fun.


shiguy4076 said...

I can just see the greatest face when he said no. he makes me laugh. Kill those birds it's a hazzard and birds are yucky.

Stephanie said...

and...did the wind shift?! :-P

Bezzie said...

Hee hee, so THAT'S what law enforcement does on their days off!

Anonymous said...

so... how did it turn out?