Friday, March 20, 2009

A Rookie Mistake

So yesterday I decided to be the World's.Best.Mom!

We've got this beautiful pool in our backyard. Sure the plaster needs some touch-up work that we can't afford (cross your fingers for next spring). And the motor is slowly dying so it makes the worst loud whining noise when the filter is on. Seriously, neighborhood dogs howl when we turn our filter on (repair man can't get to it until sometime next week). But it is clear, and blue, and ours. We love it.

Unfortunately it is entirely too cold to go swimming. It's been in the 80s, and is simply too cold.

Yes, laugh, mock, point. I deserve it. 80 no longer feels that warm to me.

I've acclimated.

The pool taunts me. It wants to be admired, and used. It wants us to dive into the almost depths of it's water (it's only 5 foot, plenty deep for us, but not deep enough to have actual "depths"). It wants us to turn on the fountain and play in the spray. It has suffered a long lonely winter and wants to be filled with the joy and laughter of small bodies lazily floating in "O" rings.

And we long to float.

While we wait I contemplated what we could do with a ridiculous amount of water just sitting in our back yard.

After much pondering I decided "BOATS." We could float boats on the water.

A couple of milk jugs rescued from the recycling pile, some glue, paint and scissors and we had these


all ready for their maiden voyage.

(That ugly green line on one sail is where I had to edit out a child's name. Sorry for the ugly)

At first things went well. The boats were floated on the water. They flowed from the deep end to the shallows and were dragged back to the deep on strings I had attached to the back of the boat for just such purposes (see, I really did start to think this through).

The kids rolled up their pants legs and sat on the edge of the pool with their legs dangling in the water just watching the boats float merrily on the water.

It was picture perfect. And me without my camera.

Then the kids started walking on the "bench" in the shallow end of the pool.

(and this is the point where I stopped thinking this idea through to its logical conclusion)

Then one adventurous little boy stepped down another step in the water.

Then children were swimming, fully clothed, IN THE WATER.

It was such a rookie mistake to think the children could be around all that delightful cool blue water and not give into the temptation to swim.

I gave up and fetched them floaties and goggle. They were already wet, why ruin the fun?

And since I was inside I grabbed the camera.


Notice that all three of my children are wearing pants, and two of them have on long sleeve shirts. I told you it wasn't THAT warm.

The baby was sensible and stayed with me on the swing playing with extra floaties.


It was a wonderful hour and the kids think I am indeed the best mom ever for letting them go swimming in their clothes.

But how can I top a move like that? How can I retain my title of World's Best Mom?

Today, instead of making our beds, we are going to build the World's Best Train Track on my balcony.

And Tomorrow?

A Sleepover with the Grandparents.

Life is so sweet!


Chrisknits said...

We would end up in the lake at my uncles on accident. We never figured out "how" it happened. Just one minute we were on the dock, the next, oops! we're in the water. LOL!

marit said...

We have the sea right next to us- it doesn't warm up until June...but the kids are "accidentally" tripping into it in April or May...brrr! Happens every year!