Monday, June 29, 2009


When we threw out Pork Chop's Birthday Flowers it occurred to me that it really was time to update the old blog. How it has sat, forlorn and un-updated, for a full fortnight. The last time my blog was this boring I was pregnant and entirely too sick to sit upright at the keyboard. Let me assure that is not the problem this time around.

It isn't that I don't have finished knitting projects to show off.

I do. Believe me I do. I'm disgusted by how pathetically small my list of finished objects is. FOUR?!! Only four so far this year? Really? I've finished so many more. I've got a stack of sweaters in my closet that are just one good hair day away from debuting in the blog. Note to self: go wash hair.

It isn't that I don't have stories to tell.

I do. The children are an endless supply of blog fodder and random mischief.

And it isn't that I don't love all my readers.

That isn't it AT.ALL. Believe me, I LIVE for your comments. I really do. (So keep 'em coming, they make me so happy /shameless begging)

No my problem has something to do with this tiny princess.

Are there laws against pictures like this?

She is absolutely convinced she is a fish and must spend every possible waking moment in the pool. In just six weeks she has graduated from the floatie with the straps in the bottom

How a baby ought to swim

to the ring floatie

Not loving this so much

to water wings.

Really not loving this

Oh, I give up!

I'm telling you. It takes more effort to make sure this one survives the day than all the other three combined.

More blog posts to come as soon as I can stop dripping all over the keyboard.


Kim Betts said...

I love the second to last picture.... way too cute!!!

Corrina said...

Even though I've been reading your blog since well before you were even pregnant with her, it seems impossible that she is that big! So cute!

Bezzie said...

Hahahhahahahah! When's her birthday? Water sign right?