Monday, September 14, 2009

The more things change the more they stay the same.

Behold the dreaded "Potty Chair"


How I hate the potty chair. But seeing as how Sweet Pea has taken to removing her diaper when she poops without telling anyone, and I'm so very tired of having her sit on my lap with a poopy butt resulting in a rousing game of "find all the other places Sweet Pea has sat" I think it is time.

I know I've already said it, but I feel so strongly about this I'm going to say it again. I HATE the potty chair. Just something about cleaning it out gets to me. I managed to train Bird directly on the real potty just to avoid cleaning the potty chair. But Sweet Pea is so very small I know she won't feel comfortable on the big potty just yet.

I hate the potty chair.

As she wandered around last night all nuddie booty I was struck by just how slim she has become. How tall and lean her body is getting. She seems to be skipping the toddler phase and moving right into a little girl's body.

It seemed just yesterday I was wandering around unable to take a shower because she needed to be cuddled every minute of every day.

And now I wander around unable to take a shower because if I leave her unattended for a single second she paints the tile with nail polish, or gives herself a tribal tattoo with a sharpie.


*sigh* As I type this she just tried to wander into the living room with a stolen pen. How is it I can never find a pen or a sharpie when I need one, but she seems to know where they all are?

My baby is growing. It makes me wistful and sad. What a shame I can't talk The Greatest into giving her a baby brother. I've already used my "just one more" card. He isn't going to fall for that line again. I guess I'd better prepare to move on to the next stage of life. Can anyone tell me what the next stage is?


Amber said...

If anyone tells you it will get better as she gets older then you should smack them. I have one very much like your sweet pea and it only gets worse. Just being a good friend and giving you a heads up. Bar that doors.

Jen Anderson said...

The next stage of your life involves showering. So there is that.

Chrisknits said...

Sometimes it seems like College is the next step, it all goes so fast after this.

Tam said...

My youngest (of 4) is 6 now. It does get better! (Don't smack me!) I can actually shower now and since the oldest is 16, I can even go see a movie with my husband without going broke paying a sitter! (I do pay her but not the going rate for 3 kids.)

I gave up the potty chair after #2- the child not the body function! We got a "chair" that folded out so that it sat on top of the actual toilet. It makes the toilet have a smaller, more "friendly" hole in it plus handles on each side. The bottom part of the potty chair could be put upside down in front of the toilet to be used as a step up. After a couple of times of seeing that they would NOT, in fact, fall into the water after all, they used it as well or better than the regular potty chair and no cleanup for mom! I also got a padded "spiderman" ring to put on the other bathroom's toilet to give my son a choice of venue. He loved it, though I doubt Spiderman would be any too pleased that his image graces a toilet seat. Anyway, it's another option!

Kaye said...

Smooshing grandkids??? I dunno. My Mooch is nearly 9 mos. old. That means he's reaching the point where he's been outside of me longer than he was baking! :-(