Wednesday, January 04, 2012

If Only

Hear that sound?

Neither do I.

The children returned to school this morning.

Man I miss those little buggers already. Thank goodness I still have this one around.


She keeps things interesting.

We had a very successful Christmas. And some day I might get around to blogging it. But I wouldn't hold your breath. I'm a real time blogger. If I don't blog about it when it happens I rarely go back at catch up. I suck like that.

Sorry Grandparents.

During the pre-Christmas insanity my closet become a repository for all the Christmas gifts. This isn't really a secret. The kids found their stuff a few years ago. I'm pretty sure they now consider it their duty to look. Wouldn't you? I foiled their plans this year. I wrapped stuff as we got it. But all this toy stashing means my closet gets thrashed. As Christmas draws near you can barely open/shut the door. Forget about trying to find a specific shirt or pair of shoes. Honestly, you're lucky to get out of there with your life, let alone wearing matching clothes.

It is our post-Christmas ritual to clean our closet. It is more important than taking down our tree.

When all was said and done I felt pretty smug looking at my sweater shelf.


Isn't that magnificent! I have, well, let's count together


21 hand knit sweaters. Actually 22, since I was wearing my blue whisper cardigan when I took that photo. Imagine how many I would have if I lived somewhere that actually got snow!

Not to alarm anyone, but I haven't knitted anything since Christmas Eve. I've got nothing on the needles. I've got a boat load of UFOs. But nothing I feel inspired to knit on. My yarn stash is depleted. I'm down to sock yarn. I need to find an inspiring sock pattern to cast on today so I will have something to knit during knitting group tomorrow.

I've also got to find something to wear. I've never been to this group before and I want to make a good impression before they get to know the real me. I'm thinking a sweater might be nice.


Minding My Own Stitches said...

Sounds like you're taking a well-deserved break! 22 handknit sweaters! That's incredible. We get tons of snow and all I've managed is 3!

Andria said...

I am jealous of your 22 sweater--that amazes me. Did you make all of them yourself?

Vivian said...

I envy your neat sweater stacks! I may have that many sweaters, I have no idea, because they are all stacked, squeezed, hung, tossed, into every corner of my closet and dresser. I would so love an organized closet!

paula said...

A clean closet is a joy to behold, as is a shelf-full of hand knit sweaters. Awesome. Have fun at your new knit night!

lily said...

Your beautifully folded handknit sweaters have really brightened my day, thanks for your thoughtful words.

Jenn said...

22 sweaters is a lot! I love all the different colors.

MarmePurl said...

may I recomend Embossed Leaves for a sock pattern. Super fast and pretty and Oh so much easier than it looks.

So wonderful to have so many handknit sweaters. A treasure for sure.