Monday, August 10, 2015

Magical Things Happening Here

On Wed, August 5th, something very sad happened.

The children returned to school.

Can you believe they're in 2nd, 6th, 7th, and 10th grade?

I was really sad to see them go.  So very sad.  It meant the end of summer.  The end of lazy mornings.  School means schedules, and homework, and science projects, and book reports with dioramas and costumes.  School means work, for them and me, and I wasn't ready to let go of summer yet.  I wasn't ready to give up popsicles, and wet towels everywhere, and days spent in jammies.  Summer was too short this year.

I was sad.

Until 10:00 am.

Something magical happened at 10:00 am.

At 10:00 am the Queen Bean went down for her nap, and The Greatest and I hit the pool.

No bickering, no screaming, no getting splashed in the face.

Just floating.

I think I actually might have died for a few minutes and this is what heaven looks like.

Then on Thursday we took the Bean to her therapies and ran ALL.THE.ERRANDS.  Which is decidedly less heavenly, but we got to sneak in a quick lunch.

And going out to lunch is one of my favorite things to do.  It really is.  I love food.  And I especially love food I didn't have to cook.  I love waiters who make food appear like magic, and bring me unlimited cups of Diet Coke, and make the dirty dishes disappear like magic.  I love going out to lunch.  And the Queen was being especially cute at lunch that day.  So YAY!

Then on Friday when I asked The Greatest what his plans for the day were he said "You know, we can either stay here and relax, maybe go swimming" using a tone of voice that implied that this was not how he wanted to spend the day "OR" he went on "we can go on an adventure, I have a little place I want to take you to lunch."

You had me at lunch.

So we went on our mini-adventure.

We drove through the most beautiful scenery.  The Greatest pulled over three different times so I could take pictures.

I was a little mad at The Greatest for not suggesting I bring my good camera.  There was so much I wanted to capture but couldn't with my phone.  I think I've let the Bean play with drop it one too many times.  I don't get half my texts and my camera pictures can be iffy.

We had lunch at this great little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant.  I loves me some greasy tacos.  We walked around the cutest town which was full of antique/thrifty stores that I love and The Greatest hates.  We went into every single one.

For the record, the picture was his idea.

And we found the perfect thingie to hang in that bare spot in our stairwell.

See.  Perfect!

And in the midst of all the floating and lunching and adventureing I managed to get a spot of knitting done.

I think I love having the children back at school.

How soon can the Queen start pre-school?


Candyce said...

The kids have grown so much! I always missed them when they first went back too. Yet it is nice to have a bit a calm. So great you had such a nice day. I see why you call him The Greatest!

Nancy McCarroll said...

Yay for you. Try to always remember days like that one.

katie metzroth said...

YAY! :) (and that is perfect for that spot!)