Monday, May 02, 2016

Still Breathing

Holy cow.  It has been almost a month!

Where does the time go?

If you are thinking that I finished that lacey scarf weeks ago and shoved it unblocked into The Abyss where it is currently languishing, well, you would be wrong.

I have chosen to let it languish, unblocked, in a basket on top of my yarn cabinet.


Without the comfort of other unloved unblocked handknits to keep it company.

I might be a terrible person.

Let me distract you with cute pictures of the Queen.

With this much toddler cuteness is it any wonder I can't seem to get anything done?


Candyce said...

She is precious for sure!

Mattsmom said...

Holy crap she is cute.
Perhaps naughty...but so very cute!
That smile kills me!
How do you ever tell her cuteness "no"?
All she'd have to do is squint her eyes,many smile huge...toss in a giggle and I'd cave every time.

I do love your knitting though.
So much.