Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Catchy jingles will tell you the most wonderful time of the year is Christmas.

And yes, Christmas is a wonderful time. What's not to love about tree with fairy lights, and breakable ornaments. Stores playing the same three songs on an endless loop. And the look on your children's faces when they see that Santa has indeed come. It is a wonderful time.

But any Mother worth her salt will tell you that is not the MOST wonderful time of the year.

The MOST wonderful time of the year is the first day of the school year.

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The long days of summer are over. No longer will I spend my afternoons listening to "I'm bored." No longer will I be subjected to Pork Chop and Bounce fight over which Barbie dress their Barbie will wear to the ball. The dark days are over.

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With clean backpacks and shiny folders two of the five are school bound. One for kindergarten, one for 1st grade!

*sigh* During naptime it will be just me and Meaty.

And in two years he'll go to school too.

*double sigh* Life just keeps getting better and better.

Yea, verily it is the most wonderful time of the year.


Eileen said...

Five? God bless you. I only have two (one of whom is school bound) and I'm excited. That said, I just have to know--are you an insomiac? If not, how do you possibly find time to knit with three kids at home and five at home for the summer? I must know your secret. I am realatively new to knitting and my biggest problem is finding time to knit without the constant barrage of "Mom! He's.. or Mom! Sis...." LOL

Bitterknitter said...

I know what you mean, even though the start of the school year just has me sending the DH back to work thus far!



Kim said...

Oh yes indeedy it's a wonderful time :oD This just might have been the longest summer ever.

I really like that top. Isn't Sinfonia such a great, cheap yarn?

Ginger said...

Amen, sister!

My daughter starts 1st grade in 9 days and we are still waiting to hear if son will be in half day preschool or not. I'm hoping for preschool.