Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A very exciting event

Remember yesterday when I said the children got enough candy for Easter that a tooth fell out of Pork Chop's mouth? I wasn't kidding.

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She lost her first tooth that night. It had been loose for weeks. We offered to pull it, tie a string, slam a door, all those things parents say to scared children who are afraid it will hurt. She was having none of it.

Instead she appears by my bedside in the wee hours of the morning gushing blood telling me "My front teeth hit my loose tooth and it fell out." Did I jump up to hug her, to take pictures of this milestone in her life. Are you kidding me? It was three in the morning. In one of my finer parenting moments I told her to get a washcloth for the blood and to go back to bed. She wanted to put the tooth under her pillow right away but I said the tooth fairy had already gone home for the night. She'd have to wait.

Now I'd like to have a word with the genius who decided the tooth must be placed under the head of a sleeping child, where it is then removed and replaced by money. Couldn't the tooth have been placed in a cup by the bed? Or in the bathroom by the toothbrushes? Or on the kitchen table? Why must it be UNDER the kid's head where it can only be removed by moving the child? Sometimes creating a childhood full of treasured memories is a PITA.

Rest assured, the dollar was deposited without incident. Pork Chop was pleased with the entire experience and is ready for another tooth to become loose. These little milestones sure do tick by quickly don't they.


Holly Jo said...

My family puts the tooth in a glass of water and "it turns into a treat". I always thought my family was quirky because it - tough to explain in kindergarten - now I know my parents were, "Screw that under the pillow business." :)

Pork Chop looks beautiful without a tooth.

lynda said...

The tooth fairy has had a few stellar moments at our house, too... as in being "too busy" to show up (read, went to bed and forgot).."Im SURE she'll be here tonight sweetie!" Yep, mother of the year moments.

Imagine my wanting to punch out a particular pediatrician who, while taking out a 4-year-old's stitches, told her to make sure and put them under her pillow for the "stitch fairy!" Please.

PS - did you get a shower today? :o)

Sarah said...

Awww, how exciting. Pork Chop has beautiful teeth. We put the tooth in a little pillow beside the big pillow. It is still tricky sneaking in there, but easier than moving the whole child.

Bezzie said...

Oh that picture makes me want to cry!! How old is Porkchop?
Chunky was eating an apple at lunch this weekend and complained that his teeth hurt when he bit into it. I had him open his mouth and his two teeth (the one that Porkchop lost and the one next to it) are getting the adult teeth right behind them. One of them is loose so I'm not worried about the weirdness of his doubleteeth just yet--but you couldn't have said: "These little milestones sure do tick by quickly don't they." any better!!! Where did our babies go?

Karyn said...

In Sweden you put it in a glass of water by the bed. There's no tooth fairy, it just magically turns into a coin. :)

shiguy4076 said...

When did pork chop grow up? where's the little girl I know. Tell her I said congrats.

Anonymous said...

hehehe, I thought the same question when Michael lost his tooth. Now, his teeth are coming in without the teeth falling out...Dentist says it will eventually come out. I remember trying to figure out a way that he wouldnt notice, because he was so excited, I figured he would move at anything, but behold...when I went up to check on him, he wasnt sleeping on his pillow!!! WHEW!