Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Life is Good!

I know, my blogging track record this year is just plain pathetic. I'm posting once, twice a month if you're lucky. And some of my posts are just pictures of the kids to appease the Grandparents (they send better presents when they're happy with you.) But my absence this month has been for a good reason. I've been busy! I've been enjoying Christmas for the first time in three years! I'm actually actively participating in my life again. It feels good.

There has been knitting. Christmas knitting. Carefully chosen yarn and patterns knit especially with someone in mind because it was something I thought they would like to own. So much Christmas knitting I knit until my hands hurt. I knit until I wanted to throw it all in the trash can and never look at it again, needles, yarn, patterns, and all. I knit until I was sick of knitting. I know! Think about that for a minute. I knit until I was sick of knitting.

And when the Christmas knitting was done I knit a tiny pair of baby socks and fell in love with knitting all over again (What's not to love about tiny Socks That Rock socks? It's right in the name. They Rock!).

Then there was some sewing to be done (a very nice break from the knitting), cookies to be baked (I highly recommend Bezzie's Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies YUMMY), and present to be bought, wrapped and shipped home to loved ones. Other presents were to be purchased and hidden in the garage, to be wrapped late at night and await the 24th. There have been friends to visit with, and Christmas lights to see, and Hot Chocolate to be shared. And of course, in the midst of all that, I'm growing a new person, one who is technically "term" today and could appear at any moment in the next few weeks.

Christmas has been wonderful and busy. So I'm sure you will all forgive my noticeable absence this month. I've had a lot on my plate.

The boys on the other hand are a different story. As I was wrapping presents to be sent to loved ones I used the last of a roll of wrapping paper. The tube was quickly claimed by a smiling Meaty. But The Greatest was jealous. He wanted to play too. As did Bird. The end result was me taking all the wrapping paper off two perfectly good tubes so they could all do this.

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And after an hour when the tubes looked like this

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The Greatest took a roll of duct tape and created this

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With the help of a tube stolen from the plastic wrap he made an entire arsenal.

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Clearly someone has too much time on his hands.

But it sure was fun!

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Bitterknitter said...

So very glad you are enjoying Christmas this year! Best of the season to you all!

knittogether-lynda said...

What fun! I'm SO glad you're enjoying Christmas this year!

turtlegirl76 said...

Oh heck yeah! That's some fun stuff! Akin to cats and empty boxes. =)

Yay! New baby soon!

Bezzie said...

TOO CUTE! I love the tube and duct tape arsenal! I've been stripping tubes for "swords" myself these days!

Stephanie said...

HAHAHA, the 3 boys of mine did the same thing, minus the duct tape just the other day. Herm was at work, and not so sure he'd have been "fun" with it, but none the less, Michael, Connor and Sam all had a blast! Good luck with the upcoming baby! So happy for you! Too bad Im not around to be your call girl for a sitter! Miss you! Take care!