Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Proud Mamma

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Wow Pork Chop, what's with the rollers?

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You look so pretty, very fancy hair. Is there something special going on tonight?

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A Christmas, I mean, Holiday Concert? An elemetary school Holiday Concert? With little children singing "We wish you a merry christmas" so sweetly and off key that your very pregnant Mommy is sure to cry and get laughed at?

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And you're singing the solo? *insert more tears here*

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We couldn't be prouder!

My tiny Pork Chop has been practicing for a month because she wanted to sing a solo in the holiday concert. They didn't announce the soloist until Monday. She came home bursting at the seams with excitment. She had been chosen. We were all so happy for her. It's nice to see your child get something they really want, something they have worked hard for.

And not to brag too much, or sound too biased, but dag-gone, my daughter was good! She was on key, and loud enough for the microphone to actually pick her voice up. And her voice is so pretty with a nice lilt and vibrato to it. We don't own a camcorder, and I very rarely regret not owning one. But I so wish I had owned one last night. She was amazing. I see many concerts and solos in her future. And I'm sure I will cry at every single one.


shiguy4076 said...

Oh mama she loved so lovely and beautiful. How grownup she looks. You should be proud you've done such a good job with her. Tell her I'm proud of her.

Dani said...

Congratulations, Pork Chop! I'm sure you sounded as beautiful as you look!

Holly Jo said...

Oh, man. There HAS to be somebody in that audience who could help you out in the video footage department.

It is nice when kids work hard for something and it goes their way. Great work, mom.

Bezzie said...

Oh yeah, raging PG hormones or not, I would have bawled too!

Such a sweetie!

Sarah said...

Wow! She does look beautiful and I am sure she sounded beautiful too. I wonder who she gets her voice from ;-)

Stephanie said...

How amazing that would have been! I bet she was incredible! What a great family you have there!!!

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