Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Coming Up For Air

I should never let an angsty post sit for so long. I know many of you worry. And I don't mean to worry anyone. I'm just writing what I know to be true. Sometimes I blog simply because I like to write. I like to string words together. I like to organise the words to create pretty pictures. I like to tell a story. Just like I think knitting is magic, I think stories are magic. I like to create magic.

But unfortunately I have to write what I know. No made up stories in me. Everything is true life. And sometimes I think my most powerful words come from a painful place. I think the need to dissect an emotion, distill it down to its very core is more prominent in ugly emotions. No one needs to over think happiness. They just feel it. They enjoy the moment until it passes. Stopping to say "Now why am I really happy" might just ruin the moment. Nope, no need to over think joyful emotions. But ugly emotions, they tend to beg for introspection. Rest assured I'm all done being introspective. I have purged and moved on. My focused has shifted from self-analysis to more important things like catching up on laundry, hugging my children and pondering whether I should get bangs.

You can all thank my Father for today's post. He called me begging for more blog posts. I told him I was rather busy with things (pondering bangs has taken up quite a bit of my time), but I promised him I would try to blog on Tuesday. Never mind the fact that the Tuesday in question happened to be Tuesday, April 15th. Today is Tuesday (right, it is Tuesday right?) so this totally counts. Right?

And since this is a Grandpa inspired post, I shall give the Grandpa what he's here for: GRANDCHILDREN!

Sorry two are sideways. Photobucket is giving me fits, and I've got limited time to mess with this, Sweet Pea will be waking up any minute now. I'll fix it later if I can. And I promise, knitting is coming. I've got one hot mess to show off!

And FYI, I've come down firmly on the side of no concerning the bang issue.


Bezzie said...

I say no to bangs, but that's probably just my bad-haircut-childhood scarring talking there ;-)

You've got such a cute little brood. And now you know why I set up a separate "family" blog to just let the Grandparents oogle kid pictures!

lynda said...

Such great pictures!

...and, you're right, I do worry a little when you're incommunacado :o)

shiguy4076 said...

Ok first I must say that Meaty is just edible in his cuteness. All the little ones are darling though. Beautiful masterpieces. Cant' wait to see you hot mess.
I'm anit-bang so I'm glad you chose not to go there.

Anonymous said...

I am new to reading your blog, but how presious are those kids. I have went back and read some of your previous blogs, you seem to have a pretty good life. Sorry about your mother passing tha is a tough thing to go through. I just have a little question for you I hear so much about your family and how the are so wonderfull wich is a great thing I was just wondering about the greatest family I dont ever hear anything about them, dont they adore those beautifull grandchildren also, or do you not have any communication with them. If not I completally understand sometimes In-Laws can be hard to deal with. well thats all. I want you to know I love reading your blog and I look forward to reading your knew posts.

Candyce said...

The photos are beautiful.
Listen to your Dad! (I like to see your blog too.)

Candyce said...

I have a thought on the bang issue. Years ago I saw Mary of Peter Paul and Mary interviewed. She looked so young despite being late 40's early 50's. Guess what she said her secret was?


I have worn them ever since. :)


Stephanie said...

Awwww, aren't they cute! I say no to the bangs,but I don't have them either, and Im not one to get my haircut every 6 weeks, it's more like annually! LOL

Miss ya!