Friday, May 02, 2008

This is all the baby's fault!

Today I have officially reached my limit. I know it is hard to stay on top of everything when you have a new baby. But really. Things are just getting out of control around here.

It started with the baby clothes. At four months old and over 13 pounds there is just no need to keep newborn clothes in her limited closet space. So the clothes sorting commenced. Only a few tears were shed as I packed up the impossibly tiny wardrobe of my last newborn child. Out came the 3-6 month clothes, looking so large compared to the newborn things. My baby is getting so big.

Once her clothes were all neat and orderly again, lined on her shelf in neat pastel piles, I looked around the room and was stunned. In sharp contrast to the neat shelves the rest of the room was, to put nicely, a disaster area, possibly one requiring federal funds for the relief effort. I then realized I had made a monumental mistake. I had made a clean spot.

I looked around the room with a critical eye. Dust, dog hair, piles of paper. It wasn't pretty. To escape what was before me I left the room (if I can't see the dust, it doesn't exist right?) But this too was a mistake. Each room was worse than the last. Tiny fingerprints on the walls. Legos everywhere. And the shedding animal hair. Do people really live like this? Do we really live like this? My eyes were open to the truth. My house needs a thorough cleaning. I thought I was keeping up with the daily work fairly well, but I now realize I'm not.

I will return when the house is clean. If I include the time I can't spend cleaning because I am nursing the baby, or cooking for the other children, or taking our necessary daily dip in the pool


I figure the house relief efforts should only take three weeks. Or was it three months? I was never very good at doing math in my head. And since I can't find a pencil head math is all I got right now. If you don't hear from me soon send a rescue party. I'm probably lost in the garage searching for Bird's summer clothes. And please equip the rescue party with yarn. I might be huddled in the corner mumbling and trying to eat my hair. A condition like that can only be cured with yarn therapy. I will need lots of soft soothing yarn. Yarn and magic erasers. Thank You.


Maria said...

I wish I could fix it! I've learned to live with less than perfection. It's the only way I stay sane. You can't replace that baby snuggling time. Just enjoy it! Tackle one job a day.

Oh, and if I didn't knit, I'd be in a corner eating my hair!

Stephanie said...

You know, I feel that same exact way every single day. Im not home to clean it, and asking my hubby to help out, well...I think you remember me complaining all too well! :-)

Looks like your having a blast in the pool! It's not that warm here yet...and I stress YET.


Olivia said...

I've discovered the same thing. The house is definitely going downhill since baby bubbles was born. Monday and Tuesday was a huge cleaning spree.

Christy D. said...

You can do it! I am still trying to blame the "baby" for the clutter and dust problem in my home, and now she's 6. :)