Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Well, with the broken camera and all I'm feeling limited on my blogging options. I can blog without pictures. It will only get boring after the first three or so posts. I like to write. I think my writing can be interesting if I've had more than three hours of sleep that night. But I don't think it's strong enough to stand on it's own without some photographic support, either of the knitting or kidlet variety. As a second option, I can blog with my slightly blurry pictures. Hey, my kids are cute, even if their edges are fuzzy, as seen here. It's not the worst option in the world and no doubt one I will frequently employ. I will have to put disclaimers by the pictures that it is indeed the pictures that are bad, not the viewers eyes. I wouldn't want to be responsible for causing anyone to have unnecessary eye exams. Or, as a third option, I can blog about some of that stuff I never got around to blogging but took great pictures of in anticipation of blogging. It's kinda a win/win proposition. I still get to blog with great pictures, and show off my fine-ass knitting. Where's the downside to that? (Actually I thought of a downside, but I'm not pointing it out, let's pretend all is right with the world) For now, for reasons that are all my own despite the downside, I'm going with option number three. Let me present: Tiny Baby Pants!


Photobucket really sucks since they upgraded. As usual, you must turn your head to the side for maximum Awww potential.

That is Sweet Pea at the hospital all dressed and ready to go home. Each child has had a special outfit to come home from the hospital in. Upon outgrowing said outfit the outfit has been cleaned and preserved for future generations. (Funny side note, Bird was nine and a half pounds. She came out of the womb already having outgrown her coming home outfit. I had to send The Greatest home for a new outfit. His choice in heirloom outfits is decidedly different than mine. But such is life.) I decided my sweet desert bunny would come home in something hand knitted. I fell in love with the idea of baby pants. Sweet tiny baby pants. I started with this pattern. But removed the pocket and added picot edging to the hem and waiste band. After all, I was having a girl, she could come home from the hospital in pants, but they must be girly pants. The yarn is Knitpicks Shine(back before it became Shine Sport) in Apricot. I originally bought this yarn to make a sweater for me. But after several failed attempts I banished the yarn to the back of my stash. Soft cotton pants for my baby seemed like the perfect new life for this poor yarn. I still love the color, but it never knit into anything that looked good on me. I guess it wanted to be baby pants all along. Add a matching hat and you've got a cute outfit. I also knit the baby socks using the birth foot prints from my other chidren as a guide, crossing my fingers that they would fit a newborn.


And they did! The socks featured a tie at the ankle mimicing the tie at the waiste on the pants. They also featured a picot edge at the top, but all that is covered by the pants. You'll have to trust me, it was all co-ordinated and super cute.

As a newborn Sweet Pea wore these pants often. As a tired Mother I washed these pants in the washing machine with the normal laundry (warm, super hard cycle to get out all the kid dirt, instead of cold, handwash cycle to not ruin the hand knits). to my delight they survived and came out better. All that beating made the cotton baby soft. I love these pants. And the best part? They're now capris!


This picture was taken on Mother's Day. One of the last pictures I took before the camera gave up the ghost, or autofocus as the case may be. These pants are enjoying a longer shelf-life than the usual coming home outfit. But the yarn seems up to the task. And when they're well and truly outgrown I shall weep just a litte, then pack them away for Sweet Pea's children.

Is it bad that I love little knitted baby pants so much I've already knitted a 12 month size pair of juju pants, just waiting for the winter?


rita said...

I think it's sweet that you like to knit for your little ones. I love those pants; I'll keep them in mind next time I need a baby gift.

And the model is darling!

Stephanie said...

too cute! FYI, I wont be a Mrs much longer...

I need a hobby!