Tuesday, September 19, 2006

With Apologies to Turtle Girl

With all the frogging I did in August, Turtle Girl challenged me to go the entire month of September without frogging.

And I tried. I really tried.

I didn't frog the swallowtail shawl. I knit it, despite the fact I knew it was going to be too small. Then I lovingly gave the fruits of my labor to the fruit of my loins.

Then I guess that's where I stopped trying. Hey, I saved one knit.

I might have a problem.

I knit the body of my top down v-neck raglan sweater. I tried it on.

Not too shabby

But check this out.

I could fit a child in here with me.

There's quite a bit of excess fabric to this sweater. I suppose it could come in handy if I wanted to put a child in the sweater with me for warmth. But I was looking for something a bit more fitted. So frog it I did.

There there's this.

Watch your eyes

This is MagKnits Snowflake Socks in Lorna's Laces. I love the pattern. I love this yarn. I even like this yarn with this pattern. But I'm not feeling the colors. The green is too much for me. I would like it better if it was all shades of blue like some other yarn that gave me trouble. It's all too busy together. So frog it I did. While I was contemplating what to do with this yarn (maybe jaywalkers?) this little man appeared.

Cute boy loves yarn

"Mommy, I love this yarn"

"You do?"


This yarn is blue...

this yarn is boy yarn...

this yarn is MY yarn!"

How can you resist? I see little blue and green socks in his future.

Unfortunately the frogging doesn't end there.

But this last one isn't entirely my fault.

I knit my Mystery Socks. They're all done. ALL DONE. Knit, Kitchner-ed, and the ends sewn in. Just waiting to be photographed so they could be revealed. During my photo shoot I discovered this.

Unfortunate hole

See that little weak spot where I didn't get all the plies of the yarn? I've got to rip half the foot to get to that spot so I can fix it. I might be able to get it with a crochet hook, but I've got to unravel the entire toe before I can get to the place where I can try dropping the stitch and using a crochet hook to fix it. To the frog pond it heads.

So this last one wasn't my fault.

In my defense I can't help any of it. I'm discontent with everything right now, including my knitting.

The Greatest got the job!

We're so happy. This isn't how I wanted to announce it. I wanted to make a huge announcement, but right after we found out we got the job we found out the house we were going to rent was under contract. We were told they would wait for us, but I guess they got tired of waiting. It's alright. But I'm having such a hard time finding a new place. Actually I've found about a dozen houses we could live in, but I can't get any of the rental agents to return my phone call. We're supposed to move in 11 days and I don't have a place for us to move to. We can push the move back two weeks to give us extra time to look, but The Greatest would really like to move as planned (and truth be told so would I). But I won't pack until I have a move date. I don't want the kids living with boxes a minute longer than they have to. I won't have a move date until I find a place to live. I didn't want make an announcement until everything was in place. I'm doing all I can and hitting brick walls. I'm frustrated and restless, and soon to be homeless. It's showing in my mood, in my work, and in my knitting.

I know this too shall pass, and month from now it will be all over. We'll be moved, and mostly unpacked. The Greatest will be working at his new job. I'll be e-baying my stash of wool to get money for cotton yarn. It will be good.

I just have to endure this month.

And if anyone knows how to find a hotel with an indoor pool that also allows dogs please let me know.


Restless Knitter said...

Congrats to The Greatest on the job!

If it comes down to it, try www.petswelcome.com. Best wishes on finding a new place.

Zonda said...

Congrats also! Hoping all works out well soon for you all!

As for the frogging, well sometimes you just gotta..especially the top, but the mystery socks...bummer!

Will be thinking of you!

Katrina said...

Congratulations to the Greatest! I thought something was up when I saw Maw Maw's comment on your September 15th post. I'm so happy for you! As for the packing and finding a place, thistooshallpass, thistooshallpass.

In the meantime, knit that sweet little boy some blue and green socks!

Eileen said...

Congrats to you and the Greatest!! Hope you can find a rental, but just in case you can try these sites in addtion to petswelcome.

My dh goes for an interview on Monday--wish us luck!!

Praying everything works out for the best with the move!

turtlegirl76 said...

If you have scrap yarn just duplicate stitch that weak one. Don't frog. It'll blend in just fine and do the trick. Seriously.

But hey, you did make it a couple weeks! That's not bad!

If you have triple A you can get free route books that you can see what hotels along the way allow pets, what they charge, etc. Amenities as well. It's free. And it worked great for my sis and I when traveling cross country with her 3 cats.

JayJay said...

Good luck with your move! I love the orange color of the raglan. I hope it is successfully reborn from the frog pond as something lovely that will fit better.