Friday, September 15, 2006

I've done it!

By George I think I've got it!

Now we all know my hand knits have less than thrilled my Youngest Child. I could run through the list again, but frankly it'd just be quicker if you look at the sidebar and click on anything for Bird. You will be greeted with a picture of her screaming as I make her wear it. The notable exception being the Green Cotton Cardi. She merely wore the most mournful expression. She looked so defeated it broke my heart and I swore I would never knit for her again. My beloved hobby was killing her soul.

But my Cheap Ass Secret Pal sent me some wonderful Cotton Ease in Hot Bubble Gum Pink. Enough for a tank top for both girls. She even included a pattern (so thoughtful). And we all know how much I love to dress my girls in matching outfits. I immediately blocked the fact that by forcing a knitted tank top on the body of my youngest I would be crushing her young spirit, and I cast on. But I'm a fiddler. I can't help it. I look at things and think "Oh I'd like it better if it just _____" and I fiddle. I fiddle with most of the patterns until they barely resemble the original product. I liked the idea of the pattern I started with, but not the shape of the top. I wanted more continuity in the accent pattern. I changed some of the stitch to seed stitch. I also changed the gauge and the measurements to fit my daughters. One might be able to say I designed these. Five day later: I've got two matching tank tops for my Princesses, so Pink they might blind you.

And take a gander at this.

One Happy Pink Princess

I might be wrong about this, but I think she likes it.

As a matter of fact they both do.

Two Happy Pink Princesses

The front looks just like the back.

Is that the front or the back?

In fact Pork Chop was so confused insisting one side must be the front side. I kept telling her it didn't matter, but her six year old mind persisted "One must be the front, and the other is the back, which is which." I might have to sew some sort of tag in it just to appease her. I love this yarn and am completely devastated that they have discontinued it. I may have to spend the next week in bed to console myself. It is soft and spongy. A complete delight to knit. Good stitch definition. And the best part? Completely idiot proof to launder. Machine Wash. Machine Dry. I hear they've got some at Smileys. Must go now. If I were to, hypothetically, spend my children's college fund on washable yarn, that wouldn't be wrong would it?


Bitterknitter said...

Yay! So happy to see a picture of a happy Bird in one of her momma's handknits! I'm with you on the CottonEase. Such a shame they stopped making it.


Maw Maw said...

As always,beautiful work, beautiful babies! Won't be too hot where you are moving.

Tam said...

Pretty babies and pretty tops! Congrats on finally hitting the right yarny synergy with the kidlet. Sometimes it takes a while to find the right groove. ha

Another regretful vote for cottonease. I thought it was one of their best yarns and I'm sad they got rid of it. They should have gotten rid of that stinking microspun instead. That stuff looks SO GORGEOUS on the skein (THE COLORS!!) but it is a PITA to knit with and makes more pills than Tylenol. Why do yarn manufacturers not consult ME before they make these changes?? The nerve.

Katrina said...

Gorgeous knitting, as always. I'm so glad your Birdie finally found something to love among your beautiful handcrafted efforts.

I am also observing a moment of silence for the fabulous CottonEase. This is the yarn that moved me past knitting scarves with lumpy yarn that hid any and all stitches to following a pattern with *gasp* stitch definition, and I haven't looked back since. Lovely CottonEase, you will be missed.

Zonda said...

Nice job on them! Such cutiepies! :)

Lynda said...

Yea Bird! - she looks very happy :o)

Having to sew a tag in so there would be a front and a back.... that is SO something my son would have made me do!

sue said...

Your tanks look so cute, and your daughters look beautiful in them. I actually made my daughter one just a little while ago from Barefoot Knits book and they look very similar.